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  1. kfowler8

    Need advise. Experience with BMWs

    I've always wanted a BMW and I'm looking at a 2013 535i XDrive.Has $90k miles and looks to be in great shape. If I move forward with it I plan to have it checked out by a local BMW tech. Dealer is asking $16,000 for it. My concern is with reliability and repair costs. I understand regular...
  2. kfowler8

    Anyone have a plexi Marshall?

    I’m building a cab for my Marshall clone. I know it has the piping horizontally across the front face panel. My question is it two pieces of wood or a single piece with a routed channel for the piping? Thanks!
  3. kfowler8

    Should I recone this Jensen

    I picked up a 1960's Supro Bantam yesterday. Really cool little amp. Light as can be. It has an 8" Jensen Special Edition speaker. Based on the code 2200913, I believe it's 1969. The speaker has several tears in it. Is thing worth reconing? I know some of these 8" aren't that desirable. What do...
  4. kfowler8

    Is my PT bad?

    I just finished a JCM 800 clone build and I'm using all the iron from an old 1968 Traynor PA head. The PT, OT, and choke all worked prior to being pulled but admittedly it's been a while since I've tested them. Over a year. I think I may be having a PT problem. It's a Hammond PT with the specs...
  5. kfowler8

    Help with a JCM 2204 Build and PT Question

    Hi guys, I'm building a clone of a JCM 800 2204. I'm using parts from MetroAmps and Mojotone. For PT, OT, and choke, I'm using what I've salvaged from a 1968 Traynor YVM-1 PA head. This was a 50 watt head with three 12AX7s and two EL34s. So very similar to the JCM. The iron is Hammond so...
  6. kfowler8

    First vintage 12ax7 suggestion

    Hey guys, I had the oppyto pick up an 83 Super Champ Rivera era this past week. I actually owned this exact amp 25 years ago. My friend had it the whole time and he traded it back. Anyway, I’ve never gotten I to the NOS or ANOS tubes. I wanted to try one with the champ. Any suggestions for a...
  7. kfowler8

    RC Cars: online stores?

    i know there’s some RC guys on here and after a 30 year hiatus, I bought a new RC care yesterday. A Traxxas Rustler. Man these things are fun. Fast as hell. Technology is so much better than what it was. What are the good online stores to order parts from? Tower Hobbies?
  8. kfowler8

    Anyone watched "The Outsider"?

    Has anyone watched the new Netflix original "The Outsider" with Jared Leto? I watched this last night. It's kind of one of those frustrating movies where it could have been really good but somehow missed the mark. It's an interesting premise where an American gets involved in the yakuza...
  9. kfowler8

    Selling Counterfeit Items

    Stumbled across this on local CL. Guy says "Before the guitar police go off on me. It is not illegal to sell or buy these guitars. Even though it does say Gibson on it I am not trying to pass it off as an original. They have already stopped reproducing these guitars." I don't know why this is...
  10. kfowler8

    Andrew the Giant Documentary

    I'll be all over this! Man he was larger than life when I was a kid. When he became a heel I was heart broken. By all accounts he was a really nice guy.
  11. kfowler8

    1950's Berlant Concertone all tube recording mic preamp?

    Anyone familiar with this? Are they any good?
  12. kfowler8

    Astronaut's DNA changed by time in space

    Pretty interesting read. Man space is a brutal place. Highlights a lot of the potential issues in space travel. It'll be interesting to see as the years progress if his body resorts back to normal/pre-space levels...
  13. kfowler8

    Total Guitar Makeover: Artcore AS83

    Little over a week ago, I posted about an Ibanez Artcore AS83 that I picked up at a local pawn shop for $150. After playing it out, I decided I really liked it but I wanted to go ahead and swap out some of the cheap Chinese hardware and electronics. So I decided to do a total guitar makeover...
  14. kfowler8

    3-way switch and semi or hollow guitars?

    I picked up an Ibanez Artcore AS83 semi hollow this past week. It needs some minor repairs and upgrades. Nice value guitar, BTW. I noticed that the 3-way switch is in an enclosed case. So it doesn't look like the standard 3-way I put in Les Pauls where you can see the inner workings of the...
  15. kfowler8

    NGD and PU Suggestion

    Since I started building guitars, I haven't purchased a guitar in about 15 years. Well that changed yesterday. I saw an ad in the local CL for a lefty Ibanez Artcore AS83. The listing was from a local pawn shop and they were asking $200 including a hardshell case. I went and checked it out...
  16. kfowler8

    Doubling Vocals?

    For rocks songs, I always double the vocal parts on the choruses. So singing the same thing but two different takes to make it sound thicker. However I don't do it with verses. Should I? I've always though it might make things muddy but maybe that's not the case. Do you ever do it?
  17. kfowler8

    Purchasing vs. Subscription Plugins

    What's your thoughts on subscription based plugins? For example, Slate Digital offers you an All Access Pass for $14.95 per month (one year commitment). With this you get access to any plugin they have plus any new plugin or update they release. Contrast that to buying the plugin out right. You...
  18. kfowler8

    The "That's Not Who I Am" Apology

    First let me say this is not directed at any particular person. It's just something I've heard a lot, especially from celebrities. Someone did something wrong and got called out on it, arrested, or whatever. That person makes a public apology for their actions. During that apology they same...
  19. kfowler8

    Worth it as a repair project?

    Stumbled across this on local CL. I've always wanted a semi-hollow and this one's a lefty. It's got some pretty substantial cracks in it. I would assume with the amount of cracks, they've got to be in the wood too. What do you think? Repairable? He's asking $200 which I still think is high...
  20. kfowler8

    Why/How does this work: Europe The Final Countdown Solo

    Help me understand the theory behind this. The Final Countdown by Europe is everyone's favorite annoying intro riff. However it's got a pretty cool solo in the middle of it. The song is in the key of F#m so we've got F# - G# - A - B - C# - D - E notes to work with. During the solo, the...

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