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  1. Llayton

    pickup makers

    Hey OP, how did you pay, paypal? This guy reminds me of srs-webstore, who sell factory knock-offs but still in business somehow, luring others to buy their tubes, which last a week or two on average, without them returning any emails after the $$ is in their account. Its unbelievable how...
  2. Llayton

    CTS 500K pots the Long & Short Explained with Pics

    / Thank you for this excellent tread! Would you know how to ascertain the value (250k, 300k or 500k) on a vintage Gibson, early 70's, thanks. Its in the codes at the back of the pot, but how to read the numbers?! /
  3. Llayton

    Russia accidentally posts Ukraine casualty numbers

    There are thousands of Russians living in Ukraine .. these are fighting, not Russian soldiers from Russia. :fingersx:
  4. Llayton

    1975 Bay deluxe

    Sold again, this time for $1455.35 ..?! Gibson Les Paul Deluxe 1973 Vintage | eBay
  5. Llayton

    Mic'ing a speaker?

    Wow, splendid idea!
  6. Llayton

    Checking on a 1983 LPC

    I was wondering what makes a guitar like this to age so much?!? I've seen 11 years younger white LPS's with very little, to no checking at all. Why is this? Incredible Vintage 1983 Gibson LES Paul Custom USA Alpine White ALL Orig W Ohsc | eBay :shock:
  7. Llayton

    School me on ES-335's

    You may wish to check on 347's, beautiful guitars, same as 335, but more luxury, ebony fingerboard, etc..
  8. Llayton

    Buckingham Les Paul Custom

    Nope, in Norlin days there were a few crappy LP's .. what they make now is all crap! :wave:
  9. Llayton

    1974 Les Paul Custom Reissue

    The boos counts on youngsters not knowing what the original was like, but trust him, because he is Gibson now .. A crook, and not a very smart one either. :thumb:
  10. Llayton

    Mic'ing a speaker?

    I always place my sm57 5cm away from the grill cloth, just where the dust cap is, in the middle of the speaker. Simple and easy, no mystification needed in this.
  11. Llayton

    $5K for a '72 LPC BB - Crazy?

    No difference between oxblood and BB, same guitars different color. I have a 1974 BB in pristine condition, with original case, $4900, if you are interested.
  12. Llayton

    1975 Bay deluxe

    How come, its been sold for $1,905 on July 8th ... Gibson Les Paul Standard 1972 Vintage 711106011110 | eBay
  13. Llayton

    NGD...I spent too much money!!!!

    Very nice 345, congrats
  14. Llayton

    New '74 LPCD

    Very elegant looking guitars indeed ..
  15. Llayton

    Lydian Mode

    Nope, you just don't know how and where to use it, that's all.' :wave:
  16. Llayton

    How many of you also play a strat?

    Not all Strats are the same. Since I've put a set of CS Fat 50's I can't stop playing the thing! /.
  17. Llayton

    I might want a reverb pedal

    Hardwire RV-7 = great sounding pedal ..
  18. Llayton

    Battle of Long Tan day Vietnam.

    Lest we forget!
  19. Llayton

    NGD - 1963 Gibson ES-330 w/ Bigsby !!!

    Very nice indeed, congrats!!!
  20. Llayton

    Jimi Hendrix

    :lol: I suggest both of you sell your guitars, and get into body building, maybe golf, or even better - kayaking. :shock:

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