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  1. Llayton

    Checking on a 1983 LPC

    I was wondering what makes a guitar like this to age so much?!? I've seen 11 years younger white LPS's with very little, to no checking at all. Why is this? Incredible Vintage 1983 Gibson LES Paul Custom USA Alpine White ALL Orig W Ohsc | eBay :shock:
  2. Llayton

    DIY - How to build - 2.12 cabinet

    Guys, I'm keen to build a small 2.12 however need additional help, instructions, photos .. Please do not ask me to use search button, as I already have ..! Any help is much appreciated, cheers. :wave:
  3. Llayton

    effect loop or in front of the amp - pedal board

    Guys, what difference really makes if a pedal board (or some of the pedals) are in the loop or at the front? What are the advantages and/or dis-advantages?! :dude:
  4. Llayton

    Pedalboard built

    Sorry if this has been discussed before, but I've searched and couldn't find it. So, I'm about to start building one made of wood, but need some additional ideas as to what to pay attention to. Any help is much appreciated.!! :dude:
  5. Llayton

    Pedal power supply 9V and/or 18V

    Is it possible for a pedal that requires a 9V power, use a 18V DC adapter?!? Any damage to the pedal or other issues?! :)
  6. Llayton

    Microphonic pedal or something else?~?

    Just noticed that when my wah is engaged (with OCD) the sound becomes micro-phonic. I have played 2 amps, and its the same with both. Is it possible that the wah pedal is causing this, thanks!? :slash:
  7. Llayton

    Clean/Boost pedals, plaease scholl me

    Maybe a ridiculous question, but why would one use a clean-boost pedal? Providing a good ones do not color the tone what is the point? To drive an amp harder and make the tubes work harder and overdrive, or something else? Please be easy as I'm a newbie with this, thanks all! :dude:
  8. Llayton

    Mini Cry Baby wah

    Guys, I'm looking to buy a proper wah however the standard ones are a bit big, so I've contemplated this one. Thoughts please?! Anyone playing one? Cheers Llayton
  9. Llayton

    2x 12" closed box for Bassman Amp

    Hi all, about to start building a closed box with 2.12 however not sure as to what dimensions to go with (guitar use only, no bass). I'd like to stick to - as small as possible box, without affecting the sound/tone. The Bassman Amp has the big 50W, so I'd like to use it wit all its potential...

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