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    Coil Tapping issues

    I have a set of epiphone pickups (green, white, red, black, bare) that I am trying to get wired to a push pull for coil tapping, however am not having any success and am seeking some help Does anyone have a photo of a Epi pickups wired to a push pull? Every combo I have tried just respnds with...
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    FT - 2015 Fender Blackout Strat

    Part of Fenders 10 for 15 run In good shape, a few light surface scratches from playing Comes with original case and all papers (believe I have them somewhere) Original single coils have been replaced with a set of SD Slash humbuckers. DO NOT have original pickups anymore, they have since been...
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    WTB Gibson R8 or 335

    Hello again everyone After quite a hiatus after a heavy drinking era, where I nodoubtably deserved that ban, I return to this community in search of my next axe. I recently started work again, and will have a little bit of spending cash to treat myself to something new. So I ask your help. I...
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    What do you think of this Greco?

    Me and a buddy are thinking about splitting something this summer. This is one of the guitars that came up. What do you think of it price wise? Not too concerned about cosmetics everything would probably get changed out pretty quickly anyway...
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    Anyone ever have this problem

    when you know what the password is to a login but what your trying to log into rejects the password. then you go to change it just in case its not what you think it is to what you think it is and it still doesnt recognize the password.
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    Refret question

    Ok, so my 82 Standard. Love the thing to death. The frets are a bit low but still perfectly fine with no problems. Now my question is, if I do decide to get a refret sometime soon, would it be possible to replace standard sized frets with "fretless wonder" type ones. I love those kind, had...
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    Pulled this out of the dust pile today

    Know nothing about it but its got a hell of a full sound. Pretty loud for an acoustic. Plays quite nice too
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    68 Custom...Jeff Beck

    Anyone ever seen this before...doing a little browsing and it popped up. cant find a story or a better pic of it
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    Free Fire and Water

    I just discovered this....HOLY **** its mindblowing
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    Anyone else see this 59 up?

    Although if a seller has to state in the title "Real Burst" how real can it get... 1959 Gibson Les Paul Real Burst Nice Flame Top Feather Weight | eBay
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    Sad day in metal - 32 years without Randy

    Today marks that day...32 years ago Rhoads died in that plane crash...granted why they were flying a plane after being awake for like 2 days I dont quite know...oh well Post up your favorite clips of Rhoads I know its been posted up a lot but its just awesome...
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    this is a real Gibson right?

    !!!!! --- !!!!! Gibson Electric Guitar Figured is I could get it for $200 it would make a good project I know I posted this before but now just looking for confirmation its actually a Gibby
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    anyone heard Metallicas new song?

    Its not to bad, the quality is really poor But its an improvement over Death Magnetic Hear Metallica Debut Full New Song 'The Lords of Summer' in Concert
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    Cool pic from 54

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    Got some new vinyl today

    Allman Bros at the Fillmore (2 records) Zeppelin I, Coda and Presence. But in Coda...theres a pic. I tried to take a pic of it but it was so blurry and the light reflected off it pretty crappy, but this pic never seen it before. Its on the bottom right...very hard to see but this is the...
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    Acrylic BC Rich Mockingbird

    For a clear one with no color, what would you all pay for it? I have one (dont have any pics right at the moment working on getting some now) and am looking to get rid of it, but I dont really see these things come up that often. Curious to see what you all would pay for one
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    Found my next strat

    Look at this thing...Beautiful Things sweet. Black pg and all
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    GO screw youeself Dell

    Horrible products. Computer, nice and healthy just ****ing crashed out of the blue. And because I only had one of the 2 warranties, which cost a ****ing $100 a year apparently. So I just lost my main computer with all my work on it. Thanks for a cool product and GREAT customer support. assholes
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    Question about late 60's LPC's

    Ok, specifically between 1968 and 1972 did Gibson make any Les Paul Customs with 3 pickups?
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    Pod hd400

    To whoevers got one what do you think of it? I currently have a Boss ME-70 that I love but thinking about getting another board like it

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