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  1. SainT-314

    DSL 40C Issue, Help Appreciated

    Well the workhorse DSL40 has finally had its first injury. Starting a few weeks ago, I noticed the volume would drop out on the normal channel every now and again, like to whisper quiet (but still audible). Now, the normal channel, even with the master cranked, has gotten where...
  2. SainT-314

    Want to start building clones to sell...

    I'm in college, and have successfully built a couple of clones, so I figured why not try and sell some for gas money. I had just a few questions, the first one being soldering irons. I have been using a cheap Wal-Mart iron, which works fine, but I was considering one of the Weller...
  3. SainT-314

    Please someone help me learn this. I think this is an original song for the show, but I'm loving that riff. The usage of the subtle vibrato, the chill sound, I just am not quite good enough to figure out the lead part. I know the progression is A, C, D, A, E, but the lead lines are...
  4. SainT-314

    Stiffening a Bigsby

    I recently bought an Epiphone Wildkat, and the bigsby on it is very stiff, just a small wiggle on the bar gives plenty of wobble, and it feels like my movements are translated very well into vibrato. However, on my Les Paul, which has a B7 on a vibramate, the arm feels loose. Like I have...
  5. SainT-314

    Dan Auerbach picking technique

    I've watched tons of videos but I still can't get Dan's picking style. Please help?!
  6. SainT-314

    Black Keys on JTM45

    Live I know Dan uses a JTM45, and plugs into the normal channel only. However when I do this with mine I struggle to get a sound that isn't dull, it lacks any cut or punch. I know he uses like four amps live, but I'm curious if he uses the JTM for low end and sets the other amps brighter. Any...
  7. SainT-314

    Attenuator exploded last night...

    Last night I was jamming away with my JTM45, through an attenuator made by Carl's Custom Guitars. (Same guy who made my amp, which is wonderful.) I heard a loud pop followed by a puff of smoke:wow:, and nearly cried because I thought it was the amp. I followed my nose to the attenuator. Upon...
  8. SainT-314

    NAD Classic 45 from Carls Custom Amps

    I've had the amp for about two weeks, I really wanted to get used to it and not do a honeymoon review. It is a straight up JTM 45 clone, KT66 power tubes. The sound is, tasty. I had never even played through a JTM 45, but now I understand why it's one of the legendary circuits. The amp...
  9. SainT-314

    New Amp on the Way JTM-45, Tips Needed

    So, I just ordered a JTM-45 clone from Carl's Custom Amps. I currently have a DSL40C, and just wanted to get as much knowledge about the amp as I could. I am definitley a fuzz player, and was wondering how the JTM-45 handles fuzz pedals. I also am curious as to the level of volume before...
  10. SainT-314

    4 Pin Pot in Marshall

    So a buddy of mine busted the mids pot through my Amp. I've successfully desoldered and removed the pot, but it's a four pin. Since I leave it on 10 all the time, is there anyway to jumper it out?
  11. SainT-314

    Tele in band mix

    Why is it that my Tele and my strat sound so thin in the band mix? I've tried eq, and I run my mids high. But still only my les paul is wide enough to take up all the parts it needs to, with me being the only guitarist.
  12. SainT-314

    Getting JTM-45 Out of DSL40C

    Hey guys, I really dig the sound of the old JTM, and was wondering what I could to get the sound out of my DSL. WIs a tube change needed? Or can it be done through say the clean channel with certain eq settings? Thanks for the help.
  13. SainT-314

    DSL40C Eq Questions

    In the never ending quest for tone, I'm trying to get my Dsl to sound as vintage marshall as I can. I have my eq set pretty good (bass is around 3, mids roughly 8, treble around 4) but my questions are about the presence and resonance controls. I understand they take either treble or bass...
  14. SainT-314

    Best Cab for Marshall under 500$.

    Maw and paw are getting me anything 500 or less for Christmas. I want a cab to go under my dsl40c, 4x12 of course. I saw some MG series, but I'm unsure of their quality. Please give any suggestions, just keeping in kind I want a Marshall sound. Thanks
  15. SainT-314

    Help with delays

    Hey guys. Currently I have a Berhinger Vintage Analog Delay and a DOD Digital Delay. My question is about using a delay in general to thicken your sound. I mean literally thicken it. I have dicked around with both of them and I can't find it. Supposedly Dan Auerbach uses a subtle delay, and...
  16. SainT-314

    Sovtek Muff Alternative

    I just thought I would post this in case there were any like me, who want the Green Muff Sound but dont have the mucho denaro required for one, or for a boutique clone. I have found the answer, and heard that it was good. Ladies and gentleman, for affordable Sovtek sweetness, I present, da...
  17. SainT-314

    8 ohm 2x12 CAB for DSL 40

    Hey guys, I am searching for a 2x12 cabinet to plug into my DSL 40 combo amp. The thing rocks sure enough, but I feel like a cabinet with it would give it a much fuller tone than just one speaker. Thanks for the help!
  18. SainT-314

    Channels on an Amp

    Can someone explain to me how channels work on a tube amp? I mean I understand how to use them, but how does pressing a button give more gain? Is it some digital effect or is there a circuit change as far as resistance? This has really baffled me recently.
  19. SainT-314

    Impressing the crowd

    Hey guys, simple question. What are some things that will musically get you noticed? Is speed the only answer? For example, I only know a little tapping and that gets everyone's heads turned. However I am a blues guy, so speed is not my forte. :cool:
  20. SainT-314

    Help EQing VOX AC15

    Hey guys, I really like my Vox, but I am trying to get more mids out of it. The problem is that it only has a two band EQ, and I can't figure out how to get more mids out if it without spending more money on an EQ pedal. The only tone controls are Bass, Treble, and a Tone Cut for the power...

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