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  1. DRB

    Fender Mustang GT Amps - Exclusive First Look!

    I want to know if the modeling technology has been improved or is it the same as V2s with bluetooth, wifi, smart phone...
  2. DRB

    Welcome To Nerdville: Inside Joe Bonamassa's Museum and Guitar Collection

    As the late great George Harrison said "Didn't want to be a star - wanted just to play guitar, In this Cockamamie Business"
  3. DRB

    NGD! Surf Green 2017 Les Paul Classic has been delivered!

    Beautiful! That's my favorite color on a guitar!
  4. DRB

    Replacing min e-tune?????

    I have a 2014 SG with min e-tune that I am replacing with locking Gotohs (Kluson style). Is there any trick to getting them lined up before drilling the screw holes? I've looked on-line for a template, but no luck. Thanks, Dave
  5. DRB

    Newer player looking for SG guidance

    I just purchased a 2014 on clearance at Guitar Center for $899. Being a 2014 it has the 120th inlay on the 12th fret. It is an awesome guitar and has 57 classic pickups, which I think they put in the 61 RI.
  6. DRB

    NGD! 2014 SG standard alpine white

    That's awesome. Just got a 2014 in Fireburst. It's an amazingly versatile guitar.
  7. DRB


    Well, I have been officially indoctrinated into the the cult that is SG ownership. I picked up a 2014 SG Standard in Fireburst at GC on clearance. It has the min-e-tune and I don't hate it as much as I thought I would. It seems to work fine. I will eventually swap it out for some locking...
  8. DRB

    Help...I'm starting to like SGs

    I have this one on hold. 2014 Standard with min-etune.
  9. DRB

    Help...I'm starting to like SGs

    I never liked SGs. Didn't like they way they looked or felt. But all of a sudden that has changed, I'm really liking them. Anyway, I found a new 2014 Standard with min etune on clearance at GC for $899. Is that a good deal?
  10. DRB

    Taylor 335 style electric

    That is a beautiful guitar. here's a used one on GC's site for $1299 Used Taylor T3/B Hollow Body Electric Guitar | Guitar Center
  11. DRB

    Opinions - Semi Hollow Body

    What pickups did you put in?
  12. DRB

    Opinions - Semi Hollow Body

    I would love to have a Gibson 335 but just can't afford one. What are some opinions on a semi-hollow in the $500 - $700 range?
  13. DRB

    Advice on new guitar

    Here's my dilemma; I have a Gibson Les Paul Studio that I love. It is my only electric. I have had a Tele and a Strat for short periods of time but have sold or traded them. I recently started playing in a classic rock cover band and I'm interested in getting another guitar to give me more sonic...
  14. DRB

    The One Guitar, One Amp, One Pedal Thread

    I love this guitar. Absolutely beautiful!
  15. DRB

    Studio owners: Best/good year(s) for a Studio out of the last 20/25 yrs?

    I have a 2010 that you'd have to pry from my cold dead hands.
  16. DRB

    Opinions - Carvin Nomad vs Peavey Classic 30

    Well I A/B'd them last night and I'm going with the C30 (it has the stock Blue Marvel for now). I thought the Carvin was a little muddy.
  17. DRB

    Opinions - Carvin Nomad vs Peavey Classic 30

    Also this is my first tube amp so I'm not as experienced with them as a lot of you guys.
  18. DRB

    Opinions - Carvin Nomad vs Peavey Classic 30

    No.I already got the Peavey from GC used and have 30 days to try it. I have a guy coming by with the the Carvin tonight from Craigslist. I'm just checking if there's any issues I should be aware of from either. Thanks, Dave
  19. DRB

    Opinions - Carvin Nomad vs Peavey Classic 30

    Any opinions on theses 2 amps. I can get the C30 for $400 and the Nomad for $350.
  20. DRB

    Peavey Classic 30 Heat???

    I just picked up a used 2013 C30. Used it for the first time last night for about 1-1/2 hours. It got noticeably warmer in the room and the back of the amp got too hot to touch for more than a few seconds. Is this something to worry about?

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