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  1. Uncle Remus

    The butchering of the English language

    I've been working with a guy who seems hell bent on misusing and mispronouncing words. These are a few that bother me. Which ones get under your skin. Supposably instead of supposedly. Mute point. No it's a moot point. Be more pacific. That's a fucking ocean, I think you mean specific. I...
  2. Uncle Remus

    Lacquer reaction with naptha?

    I sprayed the guitar with mohawk nitrocellulose rattle cans. After wet sanding and buffing I waited 3 weeks. After wiping the guitar with naptha I had white spots appear on a couple of edges. I thought these must have been dreaded sand through a, but they I don't believe they are. I used no...
  3. Uncle Remus

    Best way to level paint runs

    I'm admittedly a novice. 2 builds under my belt all with transparent finishes under nitro. I'm painting this time. The grain filling and leveling is done and I have begun paint. I'm using acrylic lacquer paint and have a run. I'm guessing a simple wet sand, but if anyone has any trucks...
  4. Uncle Remus

    NGD Heritage H-535

    I pulled the trigger on this beauty this morning. I'm not sure the Bigsby will stay, but I'm pretty excited to say the least. It should be here by Wednesday or Thursday. It's coming from CME. I'll report back then.
  5. Uncle Remus

    Inlays on a maple fretboard

    I'm looking at "building" a second Telecaster. I've got a guy that builds beautiful flamed maple necks. I'm going to really pimp this guitar out. Trans black maple top with more black and less grey. I'm just going to sand it back enough to get some contrast. I plan on using all nickel...
  6. Uncle Remus

    Good acoustic for $1000?

    I'm branching out. I have always had some shitty acoustic laying around mostly unplayed. I'm tired of being stuck in my typical blues rock rut and think that going unplugged may help. Any suggestions? I would like to stay near $1000 and with everything closed down can't just try one out...
  7. Uncle Remus

    Paul Barrere

    One of my all time favorites passed on yesterday. As a child my favorite song was "skinny back" or as I later found out that it was actually called "skin it back." Paul was a great player, a great singer, and a great guy. I once met him after a show and he was just a cool guy. Wish I could...
  8. Uncle Remus

    John Mellencamp

    My first real concert was John Cougar in 1987. Still a fantastic experience and in my music snobbery I am not ashamed. Great songwriting and a tight band. I decided tonight to relive old Mellencamp scarecrow and lonesome jubilee albums and I am singing every word to every song. Much to be...
  9. Uncle Remus

    New band no guitar?

    I have been asked to be the lead singer of a newly forming band. I haven't been told not to bring my guitar, but was not told to bring it either. In all honesty I have serious pipes. I just have a need to play leads around my singing duties. I know that I am a better guitarist than the 2...
  10. Uncle Remus

    PRS Starla X

    I can purchase a 2009 prs starla x for $650. It has p90 type soap bars. I am a guitar snob. Are these any good and worth the effort? I have never bonded with prs guitars, just curious about this non prs type prs.
  11. Uncle Remus

    I hate trash.

    I got an offer on my house last week. I was quite excited at first, but it is some overbearing slut and her worthless man. They aren't even the real buyer, it's their father with Parkinson's disease who I guess will live with them and their 4 kids. I'm sick of leaving home after a 16 hour...
  12. Uncle Remus

    I have become one of those people.

    And that's ok. I hit New Years smoking 2 packs a day, not exercising, eating way too much red meat, and living on diet soft drinks. The most important thing in this world to me is my 5 year old son and my wife. As 40 approaches in November I began to fear exiting this world too early living...
  13. Uncle Remus

    Bike recommendations

    I'm hitting 40 this year and I need to slim down. I would like to find a hybrid bike for under $500. I'm completely open to used bikes to increase my bang for the buck. Any help is greatly appreciated and I am not opposed to spending more just starting here.
  14. Uncle Remus

    New Iceman

    I think I scored pretty well. A friend needed $150 and offered me his iceman. Not sure if we will bond, but it looks kind of cool it's a ic400. It was filthy and had a dry board, but I fixed that.
  15. Uncle Remus

    Jtm45 clone *SOLD *

    I have a jtm clone that I bought a few years ago in anticipation if some gigging with a new band. About 2 gigs in t he band folded and I had an amp with more than I need. It was built by a guy that had a small amp company called KatRal. After sitting for over a year, I checked it out today...
  16. Uncle Remus

    Effingood? It really is

    I planned on saving my savings from not smoking for an actual vintage tweed champ. However, I was thinking about maybe building one instead. While prowling reverb I can across a used effingood champ type build. It was less than a kit that I would run a chance of screwing up at $325. I...
  17. Uncle Remus

    Is this a dumb idea?

    I have an Ibanez John Scofield jsm10 which is easily better than my es335. I saw these reasonably priced, but I hate relicking. I have built many guitars, but have never done a refinish. Am I crazy to think that I can buy one of these and refinish it.
  18. Uncle Remus

    Guilty Pleasures

    So who are bands or songs that you like but normally wouldn't admit to. I will start. Hall and Oates. I cringe when I hear some of their songs, but some are great. I really like Darryls show on tv too. John Mellencamp. John is a seriously underrated writer and performer in my opinion...
  19. Uncle Remus

    Laney lionheart 5 watt

    I know very little about these, but musicians fiend has them at $359 so I took a shot. Just a heads up and I will do a review once it gets here.
  20. Uncle Remus

    2012 60's Tribute trade?

    I have a 2008 Fender American Strat Sienna Burst with new hand wound boutique pickups and pearloid pickguard as well as the original white pickguard with original electronics still intact. I just can't ever seem to bond with strats. A guy offers me his Gibson 60s tribute with p90s straight up...

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