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  1. thorgir666

    My 2011 Trad Is Fading Fast, And I Love It..

    I got meself brand new LP this summer visiting Las Vegas. Today i removed some of the hardware on the guitar and was a bit surprised to see how faded the finish was. The guitar was unboxed when i purchased it so it hasnt been exposed that much to the sun. I believe I read somewhere on this forum...
  2. thorgir666

    Visiting USA, Buying a Les Paul. Advice needed.

    Hi, My name is Torgeir Rokkones, and I live in Norway. Next week I and the missus is visiting USA for the first time. Three nights in NY, and ten in Las Vegas. I have decided that im going to buy me a Les Paul. I had the opportunity to buy a lovely Classic some years ago, but as the...

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