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  1. taypeng

    65 Mustang body...real or fake?

    sorry mods, please delete this. found the answer
  2. taypeng

    Cured my P.A.S...(sort of) with a Pod X3 Live

    bought it used for stage use and my P.A.S is cured for now. I have no time to think of pedals because I'm too damn busy spending all my time programming this thing!!! its an absolute nightmare for a guy whose used to turning 3, maximum of 4 knobs on a pedal. having said that, the tones are...
  3. taypeng

    ID needed, 1947 Harmony archtop?

    Ok i know a Les Paul forum isn't the best place to enquire about archtops but hey we all love guitars right? I'm happy to share my latest acquisition with you. The only problem I have is that I don't know what I've got! have tried ID-ing it with the Harmony database but it doesn't seem to fit...
  4. taypeng

    Goosoniqueworx Kult

    this is made by a local builder. I've not tried it but i think it sounds really really good in this demo video. Goosoniqueworx Kult - YouTube
  5. taypeng

    Joyo US Dream review

    I mentioned a bit of this in another thread but thought ill put one down here for everyone's benefit...A minute of disclaimer - i'm not affliated with joyo, neither am i a devotee though i have 3 of their pedals to date lol. i did a bit of research before buying. its rumored to be a Suhr riot...
  6. taypeng

    What have I done...(lovepedal, joyo us dream...)

    a moment of madness brought on by PAS... i went trigger happy on ebay and got myself a lovepedal superlead, Joyo US dream and an old ibanez CS9. looking forward to new additions to the pedalboard. not looking forward to this months credit card bill:laugh2:
  7. taypeng

    Pickup output VS Amp gain

    Sorry for this noob question... I want to get more output from my strat bridge pickup to drive my amp/pedals (more distortion) and less of the ear-piercing highs. the usual route to go would be swapping it with a higher output pickup. I was wondering if i could achieve the same by wiring the...
  8. taypeng

    Mooer micro stuff

    Something new for 2012... Mooer micro pedals Mooer Pedals, micro series - YouTube I like the compact size but nothing new by way of ideas though... the "green mile" is a *yawn* TS clone, "Black secret" - rat "Ensemble" - boss CE-2 or 5 clone? "Hustle drive" - OCD "Cruncher" -...
  9. taypeng

    A Review...8 delay pedals

    I didn't realise until today, i had bought and sold 8 different delay pedals in my search for a pedal to satisfy my delay needs. It was fun trying out these pedals and I profited at times from reselling them but I thought i'll do a short and hopefully helpful review of them all: BYOC Digital...
  10. taypeng

    WTB: Boss DD-20

    i'm looking for a Boss DD-20. my line6 DL4 does the job but can't do dotted eights... dont care about how it looks as long as its in good working condition. I'm located overseas but shipping to portland. my local postal service has a shipping center there. $150 PP and shipped?
  11. taypeng

    Jam session satisfaction

    it was just a practice session with a couple of guys for easter sunday but it was one of the most satisfying jam sessions I had in awhile because the other band members, (how do i put it?) "get it" - when theres real synergy in the band, everyone is on the same page regarding the groove/feel of...
  12. taypeng

    help needed, Robben ford lick

    Nothing To Nobody Robben Ford - YouTube 2:45 - 2:51 he does a very interesting lick, what sounds like a slide/pull-off??? from the 3 to 2. still cant figure out how to do it...
  13. taypeng

    Joyo AC Tone

    I bought the joyo ultimate drive sometime back and im really pleased with the tones im getting from it. so im giving joyo pedals another try. at the price they are selling it isnt a big gamble anyway the ac tone has very few demos and reviews but this seems like a clone of the v1 Tech 21...
  14. taypeng

    Strymon Timeline wow...

    Strymon TimeLine - Multidimensional Delay Effects Pedal - YouTube i'm wow-ed by this pedal but i dont have $499 to spare :(
  15. taypeng

    Fender Modern Player Marauder

    really intrigued by this... funky shape, jazzmaster pickup in the neck ,triplebucker in the bridge, very very nice sounding in these video demos Fender® Vision fender is coming out with good and innovative stuff...these modern players are affordable too...another one to add onto my GAS list
  16. taypeng

    Fender headstock break...what should (can) i do?

    So i was doing a refret on a fender mustang neck. It has an old but seemingly stable headstock repair... everything went smoothly until the old break separated while i was hammering the frets in. I think the impact from the hammer somehow caused the old break to open up again? I'm not sure...
  17. taypeng

    Stacking/Cascading OD

    if you know Nigel Hendroff (Hillsongs guitarist), he gets his unique tone by stacking a couple overdrives (with the gain set low) and running them into a Vox or marshall set clean. I know this isn't a new idea just that it didn't occur to me to ever try running a few overdrives together at...
  18. taypeng

    If you think you're an awesome guitarist...

    you'll never be as awesome as Eric this guy from another planet? who else plays a guitar upside down? lol Eric Gales - NAMM 2011 - Fano Alt de Facto SP6 - Premier Builders Guild - YouTube Eric Gales - Superstition - YouTube
  19. taypeng

    WTB: Dimarzio HB

    Looking specifically for Dimarzio EJ Custom (neck), Air Classic (neck/bridge) or perhaps any low output HB... preferbly in black. I'm located in Singapore but I have a US shipping address. I would prefer if you could ship directly to me but we can work something out... I have a MHD StangK...
  20. taypeng

    Scored a guitar (in need of repair) for $10.50

    So i got "trigger happy" on ebay and bid on what looks like a 60s harmony guitar in need of repair. Woke up the next day, checked my email and looks like i won it for $10.50. this is the ebay link: (edit - for some reason the link i paste doesnt work) so heres the ebay no instead: 260793717292...

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