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  1. Thrill

    NFD: Fender Special Edition Player Series Strat (roasted maple neck)

    Got me a new guitar to fill that strat shaped hole in my heart a few days ago. (so a little bit of a late NFD) A brand new, special edition Fender Player Series strat in "Sonic Blue". A roasted maple neck and custom shop Fat 50s pickups makes it a Special Edition. Originally walked into the...
  2. Thrill

    Trogly ripped off my video, Lol!

    I think I saw that video. I definitely remember him mentioning MLP and I think even showing a shot of the page in a video. Not that big of a deal imo. Who cares what he has to say? Its not like hes a massive youtuber. Hes barely got 175k subs and most of his videos dont clear 50k views. I doubt...
  3. Thrill

    Trogly ripped off my video, Lol!

    I liked all his Spotlight Special posts here and the pics. Made me really want one, though I dont think Id pay the prices for one. I found his Youtube channel years later totally by accident and, tbh, I cant stand to watch them, mostly cause of the sound of his voice and the way he talks with...
  4. Thrill

    Whats happened to the guitar store?

    Thats the stuff I miss. Now the best you can get around here is going to the busted up Guitar Center and have some under paid kid not know anything about anything. Used to have a shop here owned by a big vintage dealer, and you never knew what absolute gem youd see hanging up in the back office...
  5. Thrill

    Whats happened to the guitar store?

    I googled it to see where it was, and looked at their pictures (wish every store had pictures like that, its like google street view inside a building, you can go everywhere). THAT is a guitar store! Wish there was one like that near me.
  6. Thrill

    Post a picture of your favorite strat you own.

    I guess this counts. Strat shape body and even Fender headstock shape, albeit with the Charvel logo lol. Happens to be my only quality strat (have a cheap knock off, but its junk I let my nieces and nephew hang around on). Ive had a few others, and am on the hunt for another, more traditional...
  7. Thrill

    Whats happened to the guitar store?

    My pawn shop has guitars, but Ive never seen anything higher end than an Epi LP Standard, and that was a rarity. I took my Gibson LP in once to pawn for some quick cash and the guy was amazed, like it was the highest end thing they ever had on their counter lol.
  8. Thrill

    Whats happened to the guitar store?

    Do people really prefer to buy guitars online without touching it? Without feeling the neck and the weight and all that? I mean, I get it for the obscure, hard to find stuff, or the super high end, small run stuff. But for your average production guitar? The work horses? I went in to a Guitar...
  9. Thrill

    What is the cheapest guitar you own and what do you think of it?

    I had an S570 years ago. Loved the look and feel of it, and the acoustic sound of it (pickups werent great), but couldnt get past how neck heavy it was. I play sitting most of the time, and the neck would just dive. Ended up getting rid of it, but Ive been wanting another one.
  10. Thrill

    What is the cheapest guitar you own and what do you think of it?

    Seafoam green Indy Custom strat copy. Not a fan. Bought it at a flea market for like $120 or so. Dont really know what I saw in it at the time, because theres not anything I like about it. Neck is too thin and shoulder-y for me, Pickups are crap. Hardware is crap. The frets were crazy sharp and...
  11. Thrill

    Right Angle Plugs - Does anything last?

    Ive been using a Planet Waves circuit breaker cable for years, and never had a problem. The only time Ive had problems with cables is when I use a cheap-o one, and eventually the connection breaks. I always make sure to buy ones that have removable shields/covers/whatever so I can go in and re...
  12. Thrill

    ESP KH3 - 16 year old me is excited

    So cool. The KH-2 was my dream guitar as a kid, and I still want one. The KH-3 is awesome too, I appreciate it more now than I did then. If theres only 24 ESP versions being made, theyre gonna sell out in minutes. The KH guitars have a big fan base.
  13. Thrill

    UPDATE: Finally got my 1st Gibson. Is this normal?

    For whatever its worth, its not gonna be a truss rod issue, or a fret issue, and it would be really strange for it to be a crack/split in the wood running horizontally across the grain at a uniform height like that. I dunno if Gibson ever did a 2 piece fretboard, if thats what it is. The last...
  14. Thrill

    Not in love with my Standard Faded

    Its hard to compare a factory faded to a custom shop reissue. The faded line was originally made to be a less expensive alternative to the regular standard line. I think they were a few hundred less than their standard counterparts. They just found a fan base who loved them and the prices on...
  15. Thrill

    UPDATE: Finally got my 1st Gibson. Is this normal?

    Dont think its normal. Never saw that before on any of my guitars, Gibson or not. As far as I know, they hand scrape the bindings after painting, and yours isnt bound. Hard to say what it is in pictures. Some pics make it look like a crack/split, some a 2 piece fretboard, and some like a...
  16. Thrill

    NAD: Vox Night Train 15 and 112 cab

    Been wanting one of these for a long time now. Got to play on one years ago at a shop and loved it, but the $400+ they wanted for the head just put me off a little bit, and I never pulled the trigger. Saw this one on Craigslist with the matching 112 cab for $375, good condition with new tubes...
  17. Thrill

    Egnater Quality?

    In to see how it plays out. Been wanting a Tweaker head for years, just never pulled the trigger.
  18. Thrill

    A new Warmoth build is in the works

    Didnt realize they were SS, that would make it harder I assume, never worked on SS frets personally. The pads are the ones StewMac sells, I thought they were 3M but Micro Mesh rings a bell, so they very well might be that, its been a couple years since I bought a set (do need a new set though...
  19. Thrill

    A new Warmoth build is in the works

    Its a pain for sure. Just did it yesterday. Interesting you tape it all around the back. I usually put a strip of tape down each side, lining the edge of the tape with the very bottom of the crown, then tape the top of the fretboard with the tape ends sticking to the horizontal strip. When Im...
  20. Thrill

    NGD: ESP LTD EC-1000

    Sweet guitar. I had one of the Amber Burst EC-1000s (like the one pictured above) with the Duncan JB/59 buckers. It was a excellent guitar. ESP/LTD has some of the best quality control of the big name guitar companies, so the guitar was flawless. Played and sounded great, and the EC-1000s look...

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