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  1. Uncle Remus

    The job I want when I win the lottery...

    I would like to open an old theater in my hometown. My mom worked there when I was young. It was originally used for vaudeville with ornate art deco moldings and designs. It was later cut up into a couple big movie theaters. I would put the stage back up and book good mid level bands. Maybe...
  2. Uncle Remus

    Hmmm, nobody uses reverb that way!

    I suppose reverb is more of a situational thing, but like y'all I just add a touch. I've tried many reverb pedals and amps, but nothing beats a little spring reverb.
  3. Uncle Remus

    Trey Anastasio Unveils New Languedoc Guitar

    It's a beautiful guitar. I don't get the hate. I have been a fan since the mid 90s and have seen Phish dozens of times. The guy can flat wail.
  4. Uncle Remus

    Are GM going to SUV the Vette?

    Maybe leave the Corvette name off and use a Vette associated name? Mako, tiger, etc..
  5. Uncle Remus

    Power Trio....Who is your fav and why?

    And so have most of the other bands since half of them are dead. Your thread though. For the record SRV added Reese Wynans.
  6. Uncle Remus

    Power Trio....Who is your fav and why?

    I know it says no Govt Mule, but post Woody is a different band. With that said they were the most dynamic 3 piece that I have ever heard. No other 3 piece could cover that much ground. From heavy stoner blues to jazzy space jams they did it all. Woody was a great force. He could lock in...
  7. Uncle Remus

    OK how I got some of my guitars.

    I'm going to write a song about this tonight. It just feels right. Inspirational. Thanks.
  8. Uncle Remus

    Elon > Jeff ?

    Only 2.2-4.9 billion depending on which site you believe.
  9. Uncle Remus

    Elon > Jeff ?

    Good for him. Making money chasing his dreams. I believe Jeff will definitely end up richer. Elon is definitely in a high stakes game with big wins and even bigger losses sometimes. Jeff is running a monopoly.
  10. Uncle Remus

    OK how I got some of my guitars.

    My parents bought my first guitar. The biggest piece of shit known to man. An 80s Harmony Sears find. I still have it. I'm proud to say that I found a great J-45 a couple of years ago and gifted it to my stepdad. He took me and my brother in the deal and has been a great father to me. He...
  11. Uncle Remus

    2020--Silver Linings?

    The year started out grand. We in the steel industry were deemed essential. I worked and the wife couldn't go out and spend our money. Come July I was hanging by my super seniority at my plant with no overtime. By December 4th I was laid off. The first time since 1949 that no union...
  12. Uncle Remus

    RIP Dawn Wells

    Total smoke show. RIP. I also see her as a pioneer for women in comedic performances. Her delivery was phenomenal.
  13. Uncle Remus

    My stimulus check is already pending.

    Not at my house. I did inventory. 12,000 rounds of 5.56, 15,000 rounds of 7.62x 39, and 8,000 rounds of 45 acp. I'm thinking about selling some because I really don't need 35,000 rounds.
  14. Uncle Remus

    Ibanez v Epiphone v other 335 -type

    My Ibanez John Scofield jsm-10 is better than my 335. My Heritage 535 is better than any 335 I have ever played at any price. I say if you love a guitar find the tone setting and amp that works best. My 535 sounds great through any amp that I have. My Ibanez however is very amp specific.
  15. Uncle Remus

    Who still has a tape cassette deck? Yikes!!!!

    I actually have several of them still sound in case another breaks. I have hundreds of Dead and Phish bootlegs. I'm sure that these are now on online audio files, but collecting bootlegs was a lot of fun.
  16. Uncle Remus

    Lespaul Junior 1959.

    I like everything that I have tried by gotoh.
  17. Uncle Remus

    A Guitar for Christmas

    I don't know if you are trolling here or what, but I'll jump in. Shooting doesn't have to involve killing. Some shoot targets, it's like darts but way further off and way more fun. Some hunt to control over population of deer, racoons, squirrels, (insert favorite game here). Some hunt for...
  18. Uncle Remus

    How many A’s would you give this flame top?

    It looks AAA to me. I'm also sure that it's better in person. Being that it is flamed throughout from top to bottom and left to right usually means AAA. Generally AA has a patch or two without defined flaming or very subtle flaming.
  19. Uncle Remus

    'cause he's a jolly good fellow!

    Happy birthday Keef! He has got to be the coolest motherfucker alive.

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