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  1. RevWillie

    Cowtown Guitars - Buyer Beware

    I'm posting this in the Vintage Les Paul area because it involves a vintage guitar - if it needs to be moved, please move it. About a month ago I saw a ‘50s Fender on Reverb that caught my eye because it was very lightweight: 6.5 pounds. I have been on a ‘lightweight guitar...
  2. RevWillie

    You only need 1...

    Really, you only need 1... PICKUP! :dude:
  3. RevWillie

    When to re-neck?

    This is all hypothetical and has no relation to anything. :) So, you have a skinny-necked '61 SG (or any guitar) and it's perfect in every way except for 1 or 2 neck/headstock repairs, possibly major. However, it's perfectly playable as-is. But it is, after all, a skinny neck that a lot of...

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