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    L-tooling marks on Pre T-Top pickups ?

    Hi, can somebody give a visual explanation please ? Thanks
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    Ledger of 1969 Les Paul's in the 544's series.

    Hi all of you, could someone help me to find this please ? Thanks, akkermanfan
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    Maple and Mahogany reversed in the body of the 1952 Les Pauls ?

    Hi, Does anyone of you know of the fact that Mr. Les Paul himself claimed originally the maple wood was meant for the back of the body and the mahogany at the top, because the mahogany is the softer wood ?
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    Gibson Les Paul Custom dating 1969 ?

    Hi, This I have never seen before, on the headstock a broader split diamond and a gibson logo, open b and o, undotted i from 1969. Can anyone here give an opinion about please? The guitar has a 3pc neck, no made in USA, and a small volute. The ABR-1 bridge has metal saddles. Thanks anyway...
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    Difference in thickness between a Gibson Les Paul Custom 1969 one piece neck and a 1969 3 pc neck

    Hi, I would like to have some information about differences in thickness between early 1969 Les Paul Customs 1pc necks and the later one 1969 having a 3 pc neck. Has anyone of you experience with this and can let me know their opinions please ? Thanks anyway, akkermanfan
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    Gauge guitar strings in 1969-70-71 used for a Gibson Les Paul Custom

    Hi great lovers of the Gibson Les Paul, Does somebody among you still remember which gauge of strings usually were used in the period 1969-70-71 on a Gibson Les Paul Custom ? Was it not the case that the G string was wound like the 4th, 5th and 6th strings in those days? Thanks in advance for...
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    Various logos on 1971 LPC. Are the thick logos earlier ?

    A question for the experts! Does anyone here know of? Thanks !
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    Differences in tuning screws direction, a sloppines ?

    Hi, There are many examples to find on this two manners ! Was this so from the factory ? Would like to have your opinions please. Thanks,
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    Differences in lacking control cavity, why ?

    Why did they lacked (the maple) in the control cavity and why did they did not ? Does some of the experts among you know the reason why ? Both are an example of a 1971 Les Paul Custom. Thanks anyway !
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    Gibson Les Paul Custom 1968 ?

    Gibson Les Paul Custom 1968 for sale on Ebay Deutschland with serial number "910 828, dotted i, babyvolute ! Never seen before ?
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    Black Beauty played by Chris Koerts

    Chris Koerts was the fantastic guitarist from the Dutch band Earth and Fire in the seventies. He played wonderful solo's on hits as Memories and Maybe tomorrow, maybe tonight....Does anybody has an idea of his LPC ? I think it is one of the early Norlin period ??? Thanks anyway, akkermanfan

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