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  1. bluesky636

    Faber Bridge Saddles

    I have a Faber Bridge (not the locking one) on my 2014 R8. I have the nickle plated brass saddles installed. I also have a set of their titanium saddles that I bought some time ago but never installed. Has anyone used the titanium saddles? If so, why? How do they sound compared to the nickle...
  2. bluesky636

    Amp Noise

    One of my amps has started making a soft crackling noise. The noise sounds like a combination of static and rustling leaves. The amp in question is a Weber 5F1 Champ clone that I built about 5 years ago. It is modified with a 5F2A tone stack replacing the low level input jack. Speaker is a...
  3. bluesky636

    1958 Poker Chip

    Anyone have a good photo of a clean vintage 1958 poker chip? Most reproductions say they are based on a 1959 poker chip. Is the 59 different than a 58?
  4. bluesky636

    Changing Tuner Tips

    I picked up a brand new set of the now out-of-production TonePros Kluson tuners on E-Bay to put on my 2014 R8. Yes, I know they are not historically accurate. But I think they are better built tuners than stock. I also bought a set on Retrospec tuner tips on sale from Historic Makeovers. I...
  5. bluesky636

    NOT Flame!!!

    How about showing your not so flamey historic? Here's my 2014 spec R8 named "Plain jane".
  6. bluesky636

    NGD: 2014 Les Paul R8 Plain Top

    Brought home the guitar of my dreams today, a 2014 Les Paul R8 Plain Top. I am the third owner but the guitar is absolutely spotless, not a mark on it. This is the only photo I have right now. I'll try and take some more in the morning. Not sure what the color is, but it is not as red in...
  7. bluesky636

    2016 es-339

    I notice that the 2016 ES-339 now comes with titanium bridge saddles. Any idea of why Gibson would do this? ES-339
  8. bluesky636

    This is a joke, right?

    They have got to be kidding: cs9 pinup | Sam Ash Music Direct
  9. bluesky636

    CC #2 (Goldie) Pickups

    I've searched and searched and have come up with conflicting stories on the pickups in Goldie. Is the neck pickup a BB1 or BB3? Bridge BB1 or BB3? TIA
  10. bluesky636

    Finally: Photos of my modded ES-339

    Finally got around to taking some photos of my modded ES-339. Hope you like them. Front of headstock with TonePros Kluson tuners. Back of headstock with TonePros Kluson tuners Faber locking bridge and aluminum stop tail. Vintage style knobs, pointers on RS Superpots (volume)...
  11. bluesky636

    I got to play the real Goldie

    Just got back from TDY in Monterey, CA. During my limited free time (a short day was 12 hours), I made it over to Rumble Seat Music in Carmel-By-The-Sea. I saw a "Goldie" on display on the wall and asked if it was the Custom Shop version. I was told no, it was the real one. I asked if I...
  12. bluesky636

    ES-339 Modifications

    I introduced my new Epiphone ES-339 Pro in this thread: I decided to start a new thread for the modifications, Today I replaced the stock wiring harness. The stock harness looked like this: I contemplated...
  13. bluesky636

    NGD Soon - Epi 339 Pro

    This is scheduled to arrive Tuesday from Sweetwater: I plan on upgrading the pots and caps with CTS and Orange Drops, adding a proper Switchcraft switch and mil-spec output jack, pickguard without the ugly "E", Faber bridge and stop tail, Tone Pros Kluson tuners. Maybe a bone nut too...
  14. bluesky636

    Pickup Comparison

    Seymour Duncan Custom Shop Pearly Gates humbuckers vs Seymour Duncan Custom Shop Joe Bonamassa Signature humbuckers. How do they compare? Best set for Blues/Classic rock? How do they compare to the Burstbucker 1/2 set I currently have? Not interested in other pickups so don't bother with other...
  15. bluesky636

    Do you name your Les Paul?

    This is "Sunny" my 1960 Les Paul Standard V1:
  16. bluesky636

    LP Pickguard

    Where can I buy a Gibson-type pickguard that will more closely match the pickup rings I installed on my Epiphone 1960 Les Paul Standard V1? I've searched many threads and found Mojotone, Montreaux, etc., but few sites that actually sell them. Yes, I know I will have to mod the pickguard to fit...
  17. bluesky636

    Almost NGD: My Epiphone 1960 Les Paul Standard V1

    Finally had some time to take some beauty shots of my 1960 Les Paul Standard V1. Mods include: 1. Faber locking bridge and stop tail 2. TonePros/Kluson tuners 3. 500K RS Guitarworks CTS Superpots (volume), 500K CTS pots (tone) 4. Luxe "Woman Tone" Bumblebee kit 5. MSSC...
  18. bluesky636

    P90 Pickup Noise

    I have an Epiphone Les Paul Jr fitted with a Seymour Duncan Phat Cat humbucker size P90. The tone is fantastic. The pickup is fully shielded in a humbucker type housing. The control cavity is copper shielded, the volume pot is a 500K RS Superpot, the tone pot is a CTS 500K pot. Tone cap is a...
  19. bluesky636

    Amber Les Paul Knobs

    Has anyone purchased Gibson amber witch's hat knobs lately? Are the numbers highlighted in white? I have gotten two sets from Sweetwater and the numbers are all the same color amber. The photos I have seen on the Sweetwater site and others show the numbers as white. Even my gold knobs have...
  20. bluesky636

    Ageing Plastic Parts

    Has anybody tried aging plastic parts by soaking them in tea?

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