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  1. slaveone

    Auction IDs for Yahoo Japan, etc.

    Hey all, as some of us were discussing in the Greco MIJ deal thread, it seemed that now might be a good time to post a dedicated thread to match bidding IDs to resellers and proxies. One of the reasons for this is to keep us from stepping on each other's toes when bidding on auctions that may be...
  2. slaveone

    NGD: Tokai 1985 LS-50 [lots of photos!]

    Here's my recently acquired '85 Tokai LS-50. This guitar is much nicer than I expected it to be. Forgive my inconsistent white balance. The neck is as perfect as any other guitar I own. The top carve is extreme and beautiful and the sound is incredibly rich; almost too bassy! I seriously can't...
  3. slaveone

    NGD: 2012 R7 Goldtop

    So, it's a new post but not a super new guitar. I've had it a few months. Sorry for the delay, but I figured I should share. I know these aren't for everyone, but I love the look and after trying to find a vintage one and continually striking out, I bit the bullet.
  4. slaveone

    NGD: 2014 R9 Lemon [Lots of Photos!]

    Wowsa. Thanks so much to 11top for such a beautiful guitar and a smooth, easy purchase. Just look at this thing! Sorry for all the photos. I know some seem redundant, but if you look closely, you'll see such different grain from even the slightest angle change. I'm more of a VOS guy, but this...
  5. slaveone

    NGD: Edwards 1954 Staple LP Custom

    Hey all, another of my not-actually-new-but-recently-completed guitars. After spending some quality time with a 1956 Gibson Les Paul Custom with a staple pickup, I decided I had to have one. I loved its tone so much, it was around 8 pounds, had a perfect neck and played like a dream, but it was...
  6. slaveone

    eBay Seller Issue - Need Some Perspective

    Hey guys, I sold a bunch of Greenbacks over the last few days and something happened with one of them. Maybe I'm off base and need some sense knocked into me, so maybe you can help me out? One guy bought two separate speakers I had listed. A China and a UK G12M. Both were in excellent...
  7. slaveone

    FS: 2007 Gibson GotW Guitar of the Week #33 Les Paul Classic Antique

    Hey all, I need to unload a bunch of gear. Two of my bands have broken up, so I have a lot of gear and not a lot of shows coming up...including: 2007 Gibson GotW Guitar of the Week #33 Les Paul Classic Antique in satin mahogany I didn't quite capture the color correctly; it's darker...
  8. slaveone

    FS: 2005 Gibson Les Paul Standard Premium Plus Lightburst

    Hey all, I need to unload a bunch of gear. Two of my bands have broken up, so I have a lot of gear and not a lot of shows coming up...starting with: 2005 Gibson Les Paul Standard Premium Plus in Lightburst finish Serial number begins 02145xxxx. I believe (but can't confirm) that the...
  9. slaveone

    New Custom 1x12 Cab

    Hey gang, I thought you might appreciate my new custom 12" cab I had built for me recently. It's a single 12" cab made of hardwood (Poplar) with a Dark Walnut stain. I had a G12H Heritage I've been waiting to find the right home for and this is it! I had him spec it without corners and I wanted...
  10. slaveone

    Sort of NGD - Finished my Deluxe to 50s P-90 conversion!

    There is a question in here (under the parts list!). Anyhow, I'm very stoked about this. As with my recent NGD post, I acquired two GT Deluxes in recent times. I decided to convert one to P-90s and '50s wiring and hardware. It's done now, and I am very happy with the results. Parts used...
  11. slaveone

    NGD! Modified my LP Deluxe on arrival

    Hey all! I recently received my new LP Deluxe Goldtop limited reissue. These appear to be on clearance (or awfully close) at this point, $1499 at Zzounds and American Musical Supply. I have one that I am converting to an 'almost 1950s' spec with nearly everything replaced. But first, this one...

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