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  1. Becker34

    Squire question

    A friend is offering me some kind of Korean Squire in trade for some work. I have no clue about these guitars, their playability, quality or value. All I own are LPs. I'm not really concerned with value as I was gonna do the job for free. Any info is appreciated.
  2. Becker34

    Led Zeppelin pinball from Stern

    Stern unveiled their Led Zeppelin pinball machine today. MSRP for the Pro model (what you'll most likely find at bars, arcades, etc.) is $6199, Premium and Limited Edition has different cabinet and translite, has an additional toy plus upgraded audio and lists for $7299 and $9199. The LE is...
  3. Becker34

    GnR - New pinball machine

    A new GnR pinball machine was unveiled today. It's shipping now and will put you back between $6750-$12,500 depending on model. The higher end versions have different art packages and added gameplay goodies. The game features 21 songs from the band's catalog as well as original music from...
  4. Becker34

    OK - Which one of you Farkers posted this? I was wondering for a minute if Fark turned into an outpost of MLP Backstage. Or Luthier's Corner.
  5. Becker34

    I'm using Super Slinkies on the Mercury

    So this happened a few weeks ago: What you're looking at is the front of the intake manifold on my 2000 Grand Marquis after it grenaded on the way to a gig because the only excuses for missing a show are hospitalization, arrest and/or death. Luckily it happened close to home and I caught a...
  6. Becker34

    Les Paul as an Instrument of Murder

    Iowa man uses Les Paul guitar to kill his mother by beating her head in with it. No disclosure if it was a Standard, Custom, Studio or Chibson.
  7. Becker34

    Chasing a hum '85 LPC

    Got a helluva hum on my '85 LPC. I'm pretty green on dealing with electrical stuff, so any help/links are appreciated. Search made me more confused. The guitar is factory stock except for the straplocks. I've never farted around with the electric. The hum is there in every pickup selector...
  8. Becker34

    LP Reunion Part II: '85 LPC w/ pics

    A little late posting pics, but here's my '85 LPC. 11/18/85 build date. This was my first electric guitar. It cost all of $675 back in '87. I know... SHUT UP AND GET TO THE PICS!!! Previous owner must've wore the WWF championship belt while playing
  9. Becker34

    LP Reunion: 80 Standard w/ lotsa pics

    First post here, been reading for a while. Lots of great info here, which I'm very appreciative of. About 10 years ago, I "pawned" my 2 LP's ('80 Standard, '85 Custom) with my dad. He never sold them to recoup the loan, and a while back he said to me, "hey... remember those guitars? Get them...

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