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  1. Jeremiah

    NGD American Professional Jazzmaster Rosewood

    I was hunting for a telemaster because I didn't have tele neck pickup in my guitar collection (my tele is a '72 Custom with the WR pickup in the neck) but I came up with the idea that I wanted a rosewood neck because all my Fenders are maple. I was going to go with an MJT body and USACG neck...
  2. Jeremiah

    I'm thinking of playing the lottery...

    My wife, the same person I've known since 1997, has purchased me a guitar... I realize that doesn't sound as amazing as it is, so let me elaborate. This is the same person who once, when I was playing along to a song, suggested I sound more like the audience heckler than a member of the...
  3. Jeremiah

    inlay replacement vs fretboard replacement with binding + nibs

    Good Morning, everyone Since I purchased my 335 I've been jonesing for another semi-hollow. The inlays on the 345 and 175 call to me, the split parallelogram. I've shied away from the 345 because to me it would fill the same space as my 335, shapewise. So I'm left with the 175T, which I...
  4. Jeremiah

    Did anyone else expect the used market to plummet due to all this?

    It doesn't seem to have dropped a bit, checking Reverb daily
  5. Jeremiah

    Would you buy an affordable reissue Norlin?

    Ok Fender has done a great job at keeping CBS era guitars alive through cheap overseas production. If Gibson did the same with the Epiphone brand, would you pick one up? I don’t think I would because of the different headstock, but wanted to start a conversation since I haven’t started a thread...
  6. Jeremiah

    Reverb Purchase - anyone ever need to change the address post purchase?

    I just hit purchase on a CIJ 75 Jazz and didn't realize that I'd left my old address as the default (recently moved back to CT for work). Has anyone ever done this? Was it OK? I'm thinking worst case scenario is that he sends it to the old address and they forward it. Another alternative...
  7. Jeremiah

    Hey you, Reverb seller...gimme my feedback

    This happens to me all the time, I pay right away, and then I get my feedback after my item arrives, when I leave them feedback. I paid, bruh, give me the feedback when my part of the transaction is complete, NOT after you hold me hostage waiting to see if I leave YOU good feedback...
  8. Jeremiah

    NGD - 2002 es-335

    There are going to quite a few changes to it in the next few weeks, but you only get one ngd post so here goes I got it for a song due to a repaired neck but I am just in love and I haven’t even changed the dead strings yet for my reverend Willy 7’s
  9. Jeremiah

    New Sweetwater warning for Fender guitars? There is a link I've never seen before on a few Fender guitars I was looking at. A potential cancer warning? I noticed it wasn't on Gibson guitars, oddly enough. Something in the poly paint? I find this a little more than worrying, as I'm playing my Fenders...
  10. Jeremiah

    2018 census?

    hey gang, I just got an in person visit from the CB after ignoring a stack of mail about it. I answered everything but I’m not altogether sure that was wise. Here are the questions I remember: Name Birth date Place of birth Annual income What time do you leave for work What do you do Do you...
  11. Jeremiah

    Full circle...ish

    My first guitar was a Kaman GTX Strat copy, my mom bought it for me the day I got sent home for fighting. Very mixed signals at good ol' Jer's house /shrug
  12. Jeremiah

    Temporary Kahler Plug?

    crossposted from the Customization section, only one response there: I finally have a goldtop Deluxe. It is routed for a Kahler, which makes it unique in my collection, and I'm glad, but I had a question about it. Does anyone make a temporary plug? Like what I'm envisioning, is a plug I could...
  13. Jeremiah

    Kahler plug options?

    I finally have a goldtop Deluxe. It is routed for a Kahler, which makes it unique in my collection, and I'm glad, but I had a question about it. Does anyone make a temporary plug? Like what I'm envisioning, is a plug I could remove that is the same color as the guitar. I've seen where...
  14. Jeremiah

    Goldtop Fever has caught me, pre NGD thread, don't kill me

    I've been wanting a '76 Deluxe Goldtop for a while now, but I can't afford these banker's prices (and still stay married). I definitely paid more than you guys would for this '81, but it was less than my other two Deluxes, and they're already '76, so I unclenched a bit on that self placed...
  15. Jeremiah

    NGD '72 Telecaster Custom

    I picked up the Mexican version, which is definitely good enough for me at this point. I haven't had a Fender shaped guitar since I was 16, I got this from Reverb for 500 shipped but ended up with a refund of 46 bucks from that after the seller discovered a gouge near the bottom during...
  16. Jeremiah

    Max you'll pay for your guitar, am I being unrealistic?

    My first Deluxe I got for around 1400, the second, just above 1500, both in the past year. I've made offers on 3 Deluxes on Reverb in the past hour, all for 1600, all handily rejected. Now the asking for all of these was above 2400, but am I out of line with that offer? I'm just going...
  17. Jeremiah

    Gibson Neck Shape 76 = Fender Equivalent?

    Hey guys, I have been thinking about getting a Fender and I wanted to know what the equivalent to that thin '76 Deluxe neck shape would be. I have owned 3 Gibsons before my Deluxes, an SG and a Les Paul Standard from 2007, and a Custom from 2006, and none of them had that super quick thin...
  18. Jeremiah

    1100 dollar Deluxe, which one of you got it?

    There was a partial refin on Reverb yesterday, lasted all of a day. I couldn't pull the trigger, the guy just didn't know the answers to the questions I was asking, or couldn't say because he was the second owner after the partial refin...
  19. Jeremiah

    Need help with pickup identification

    This pickup came with my routed Les Paul Deluxe. I took it to a shop and the guy I showed it to said that the bar identified it as a t-top, but I'm skeptical. To me, there is nothing saying the bar went to this pickup, especially in its detached state. I was hoping to get some help from you folks.
  20. Jeremiah

    Might be a re-post: Maple/Rosewood video If I had a gun to my head, anything I said about the difference would still be a guess. If I'm tone deaf, so be it.

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