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  1. geddyleefan

    What pickups for LP custom

    if you want something with searing and cutting tone I highly recommend the SD's Alternative 8. This thing roars without getting muddy and fattens up single note runs and if you go easy on the volume you can even get nice clean shimmering chords
  2. geddyleefan

    Les Paul Classic Love: Show It Off

    My #1 go to guitar is my '98 Gibson LP Classic I've owned for nearly 20 years. It's been upgraded with Burstbuckers, double ring tuners and vintage wiring all done myself
  3. geddyleefan

    Seymour Duncan Hyperion pickups

    If I can get a bridge model and switch to a set of fender tex mex middle and neck single coil I can put em in my strat
  4. geddyleefan

    Seymour Duncan Hyperion pickups

    I've seen these Hyperion sets loaded in some Ibanez AZ guitars but I really don't wanna spend the hefty price tag on an Ibanez to try these out. They sounded pretty good from what videos I've found on youtube. They seem to have a wide range of modern contemporary to crisp cleaner stuff. I wonder...
  5. geddyleefan

    Seymour Duncan 35th Aniversary set......anyone find em?

    man I wanted the special 35th anniversary engraving lol
  6. geddyleefan

    Seymour Duncan 35th Aniversary set......anyone find em?

    I'm still kickin myself for letting these slide outta my hands several years ago. I had a chance to buy a set around 2012 and decided not to. Now I've seen people really digging the aged magnets of the JB and Jazz pickups. I think when I passed on the set they were going for 140.00 used. Now I...
  7. geddyleefan

    Anyone ever come across the LP Heritage and Heritage Elite?

    man that sucks, I know how that feels
  8. geddyleefan

    Anyone ever come across the LP Heritage and Heritage Elite?

    Its a shame my buddy Sam isn't around anymore, he left us at 22. Drugs man. But he knew the '82 Heritage elite was an amazing guitar
  9. geddyleefan

    Anyone ever come across the LP Heritage and Heritage Elite?

    Its a shame I never knew where that 82 tobaccoburst went sounded awesome as all hell with those Shawbuckers
  10. geddyleefan

    Anyone ever come across the LP Heritage and Heritage Elite?

    I'll never forget the first time I saw, heard and briefly held and played one. I was about 16 maybe 17 and my band was playing a show with a rival band and the guy had his dad's 1982 LP Heritage in tobaccoburst with an amazing birdseye maple or whatever fancy name they use for the maple top. I...
  11. geddyleefan

    What is the heaviest Les Paul you've heard of?

    I borrowed a mates '72 LP Deluxe, that thing was heavier than sin! but I managed to finish a show with it, surprised I didn't get a hernia LOL
  12. geddyleefan

    Epiphone EDS 1275

    I plan on swapping out the stock pickups outta both necks. I have a SD '59 neck and a Gibson Burstbucker III for the bridge but for the 12 string I thought a nifty SD P-rail with the triple shot ring would give me a few tonal options and clean up the cluster of wires. However the one thing I...
  13. geddyleefan

    2003 Gibson Les Paul Studio specs wanted

    I snatched a LP Studio Premium for a killer price as it had a repair headstock but it was fixed professionally but had a killer flametop to it so that ran me about $350?
  14. geddyleefan

    Epiphone EDS 1275

    I will......I've been working on the old Rush numbers too as well as my own stuff and I'm a huge Petty fan as he does a lotta songs on 12 string
  15. geddyleefan

    Epiphone EDS 1275

    After 3 years in the wilderness of not playing guitar I finally got back into playing again and decided to go after a doubleneck SG. Seeing how the Gibson doublenecks were priced into the stratosphere I went after the Epiphone model. I was skeptical but surprised it plays fine. I plan on doing...
  16. geddyleefan

    Gibson Flying V and Andy Powell

    I'll try to find some Wishbone Ash pics I took in 2014 and 2015
  17. geddyleefan

    future LP refret

    yep I've said the same man, love stainless steel frets. I played on a friend's early 80s LP Custom with jumbo stainless frets it was like heaven. 6100s I believe
  18. geddyleefan

    future LP refret

    I'm fast approaching the 20 years of ownership on a 98 LP Classic. I've decided after nearly 2 decades of hardwork and ownership that she's due for a nice refret. I've worn the hell outta the first 6 frets and a good decent ones between 12-15 frets. I know that a refret isn't gonna do much so...
  19. geddyleefan

    How Have You Modded Your Les Paul?

    Added a 3rd humbucker many years ago with a 5 way rotary for many tone options. This is my first time back on here in nearly 2 years. I stopped playing guitar when my dad died and took up hunting to remember him by so I know as much on guitars as I do with a Winchester or Marlin. A part of me...
  20. geddyleefan

    Carvin Legacy 1 a little dark sounding

    I got the amp for about 380 on eBay a while back and it came loaded with Vintage 30s and the reverb didn't work so it was a steal but with the JJ EL34s I was able to dial more mids and cut down on that overall dark characteristic tone. I have the amp down at the shop with the G12M-70 and the...

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