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  1. Dogbreath

    NAD - Tweed Blues Jr. LTD

    I’ve owned one for over ten years. I gave it to my son last year, immediately missed it and promptly bought another one.
  2. Dogbreath

    Is it possible to put them in order?

    Alignment of the stars.
  3. Dogbreath

    New Les Paul Standard 60s Rosewood Fretboard - should I return it?

    I would return it. I just bought a new ‘61 SG that had the most beautiful and perfect fretboard I have personally seen on any guitar, but I had to return it for having the worst lacquer job I’ve ever seen. It looked like it was a child’s first attempt. Don’t be afraid to send a problem back...
  4. Dogbreath

    My new attenuator and my old 5 watt amp

    I have used a Weber Mini Mass and a Mass 100 for a number of years on several amps with outstanding results, but I had a horrible result using one with an Orange Micro Terror. Sometimes a particular amp just doesn’t like the attenuator. I use the Mass 100 all of the time on my Marshall Mini...
  5. Dogbreath

    2019 Traditional

    The serial number does indicate the date. Mine does not say “2019” under the serial number. In 2020 Gibson stopped stamping the date on the back of the headstock like they have done for the last several years. My 2019 lacks the date stamp and it has a high serial number, therefore it is one of...
  6. Dogbreath

    2019 Traditional

    “No date.”
  7. Dogbreath

    2019 Traditional

    I own a very late production 2019 (no date on headstock) in tobacco. I like it so much I would never trade it for a new Standard.
  8. Dogbreath

    Heavy or light versus tone?

    That is an amazing top!!!
  9. Dogbreath

    help buying my old man first les paul r9 vs standard?

    The 2020 Les Paul Standard ‘60’s has a slimmer neck.
  10. Dogbreath

    Plain vs Flame. Less is More ?

    I just can’t relate to the highly flamed tops. I find them boring. I like just a small amount of flame and some other things going on like mineral streaks. It’s like all the flames assault my eyes.
  11. Dogbreath

    how to get the right rust on some screws

    I do restoration on antique (18th century) firearms. I use Birchwood Casey Plumb Brown, a propane torch, sometimes circuit board etchant, and/or cold blueing solution. I heat the screws with the torch and dip them in one or more of these to get the look of heavy rust. For light or spotty rust...
  12. Dogbreath

    Gibson Les Paul Special Tribute P-90

    You can’t go wrong with that one.
  13. Dogbreath

    Best Place To Buy An SG Junior?

    What you are saying is true, and the answer is one that doesn’t belong in this section. Aside from that, these two dealers have consistently provided great service to me. I’m sure there are other choices that are comparable.
  14. Dogbreath


    I have a Deluxe Reverb Reissue and a Blues Junior. You can turn them down, but to get good tone I run them through a Weber Mini Mass attenuator. The results are great. However, I have a Tone Master Twin Reverb. It doesn’t need an attenuator as it will dial down to one watt. What you need is the...
  15. Dogbreath

    Best Place To Buy An SG Junior?

    Wildwood or Sweetwater.
  16. Dogbreath

    Moron owned Les Paul

    Then there are screwdriver slips.
  17. Dogbreath

    Which top do you like better?

    2 too.

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