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  1. Bobby Mahogany

    "Apu" lost his voice because...

    Racist !!! After 30 years... :shock:
  2. Bobby Mahogany

    Old people have a sex life too!

    And a hell of one at that! "AN octogenarian and five elderly men were arrested after they were allegedly caught having sex in a woodland in Connecticut, the United States, last week. Police say they busted the senior citizens getting hot and heavy at the Grace Richardson Conservation area in...
  3. Bobby Mahogany

    Dave was right and Boom goes the Trans thread! At 70, "Caitlyn" wants a child with her "girlfriend" Sophia Hutchins! Sophia Hutchins is a 22 year old transgender. Bring the idea of a surrogate mother in the mix and you got yourself a winner thread. What...
  4. Bobby Mahogany

    Trans waxing: Now THAT, is a problem.

    Dave will love this! Our trans thread of the week! And you are welcome! :cheers: Let's just leave Iran and minor stuff aside for now and have a look at the real problems of the World. One of which is Trans Genitalia Waxing. Case in hands: Jessica Yaniv...
  5. Bobby Mahogany

    RIP Dr. John

    Another great has left us. RIP :(
  6. Bobby Mahogany

    Uli Jon Roth (ex-Scorpions) turned down $9M for Jimi Hendrix's black Strat.

    Quite a story: Cool that he stands up for his ex-wife. And gives a shit about the strings Jimi put on the guitar. :thumb:
  7. Bobby Mahogany

    Another brilliant schemer!

    How he thought he could pull this off is beyond my comprehension. :dunno:
  8. Bobby Mahogany

    What's with the Japanese musicians in costumes?

    :dunno: After seeing this thread from @Scooter2112 I was suggested a few videos on Youtube with quite a few of those musicians in costumes. WTF is that? Sure is funny though. This one really starts at...
  9. Bobby Mahogany

    Wow! Some MLP member has some awesome talents! Studio to GoldTop!

    Hi there! Just got to see that thread almost by accident. MLP member "Badly Drawn Les" does a Studio to GoldTop conversion that is just... sick! The finished product made my jaw drop. The whole work is documented for our viewing pleasure. He shares his techniques and stuff. Start to finish is...
  10. Bobby Mahogany

    So finally Mad Mike, is the Earth flat?

    Oops. I guess we won't know until your next flight. At least he didn't kill himself. 570 meters / 1870 feet in the air! :shock: Hurt his back but said he was alright :thumb:
  11. Bobby Mahogany

    Peter Rabbit is so... insensitive!

    :facepalm: What? Some people are upset with Sony for releasing a kids movie, Peter Rabbit, featuring a scene where Peter Rabbit takes advantage of his arch-nemesis allergy to berries and throws berries at him until one finds its way into his mouth and "shocks" him. Where are the good old days...
  12. Bobby Mahogany

    Yoko Ono added to Imagine writing credits

    Yoko Ono added to Imagine writing credits: Wow! What's wrong with this picture... That's intense. What is Sean up to?
  13. Bobby Mahogany

    Mahogany Telecaster with Shaw pickups!

    Lots of us love Gibson models for their Mahogany planks, lots of us love Shaw pickups, lots of us love Telecasters, and then this comes up: :wow: Oh baby! Yes, it was January News but I don't remember seeing it here. I post in Backstage 'cause it's more than just about Fender! It's about...
  14. Bobby Mahogany

    Sodium light Watts vs Ballast question!

    Merry Christmas to all! I had to replace a High Pressure Sodium Bulb outside so I bought what I thought was a replacement bulb. Most fixtures like that are rated at 70 Watts, Ansi S62 ballast. I didn't remember that the one I have is rated at 50 Watts and Ansi S68 ballast. "Internet...
  15. Bobby Mahogany

    Any experience with "head gasket fix" liquid?

    2006 Kia Sorento (130,000 km or 78,000 miles). Very good condition. Cylinder number 5 has been acting up (misfire) and after much investigation, I have to conclude that there must be a leak in the head gasket. Puffs of smoke at startup and then all is fine. Any of you guys have tried the...
  16. Bobby Mahogany

    Like-unlike-like: It's my mouse!

    Hi everyone! I've been having some issues with my mouse, it double-clicks by itself! It started a couple of weeks ago, once in a while. But now it had become really annoying. Long story short: Many times when I "like" a post, it "unlikes" it at the same time because of the double-click. So...
  17. Bobby Mahogany

    I have been selected..?

    Or so it seems... I would be the 1,000,000th visitor so as such I'm entitled to some Apple stuff. Great. I don't believe none of that. Any other lucky chosen ones?
  18. Bobby Mahogany

    Head transplant, anyone?

    That's an idea! Head transplant: Russian man to become first to undergo pioneering and controversial surgery Head transplant: Russian man to become first to undergo pioneering and controversial surgery The first man set to undergo a head transplant has been revealed, saying that he finds...
  19. Bobby Mahogany

    John Lennon's death explained at last!

    Well, now we know. John Lennon's killer controlled by 'dark' aliens? John Lennon's murderer was under the control of ''dark'' aliens determined to eradicate his messages of peace and love, it has been claimed. The late Beatles legend was assassinated by Mark Chapman outside the Dakota...
  20. Bobby Mahogany

    Are Epiphone's really that much worse that Gibson's?

    Reverse Thread! Reverse psychology! Are Epiphone Les Pauls really that much worse than Gibson's? Obviously Epiphone is far worse if you were to buy them right out of the store, with all stock parts and such, but what if you downgrade all the parts in the Gibson? What if you -Sanded off the...

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