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    Starship Offshore Platform "Phobos" Arrives in Mississippi

    SpaceX's recently purchased oilrig is arriving in Pascagoula, Mississippi for conversion in support of Starship operations. The rig was originally named ENSCO 8501 but was renamed Phobos after being acquired by SpaceX. Phobos departed Galveston, Texas for Mississippi on Sunday.
  2. TheX

    First Tuned Run of Terry Mayhugh's Quarter Scale V12 Merlin

    Wow!!! It needs a 1/4 scale Spitfire!
  3. TheX


    Lol, Your comment was right on point.
  4. TheX

    The job I want when I win the lottery...

    If I ever have more money than I can spend, I want to start a full time guitar building business. I would hire all local people that really need a second chance but have some skills. Every guitar built would be gifted to kids that want to learn, but can't afford it. It would be a blast to build...
  5. TheX

    Hmmm, nobody uses reverb that way!

    Someone asked a question about why the Pod Go has the cab right after the amp in the chain by default. The resident expert said that the cab should always go at the end. I said that there are other ways to look at it. Apparently, even though virtually every modeler has the reverb after the cab...
  6. TheX

    Elon Musk - Gangsta's Paradise

  7. TheX

    SpaceX Starlink launch featuring a record 8th flight of a Falcon booster

    Will be live tomorrow morning. The 8th flight of a Falcon 9 booster is a big deal (to me).
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    Watch NASA fire up SLS for the first time!

    This is the most expensive way to put payloads into orbit, but it has some awesome flights planned.
  9. TheX

    This is the way a video should be done.

    No bullshit music, no talking. Just good video and GREAT audio. Some really nice cars too.
  10. TheX

    Freakin' Line 6 Authorized Devices Lifetime Limit

    I hit the lifetime limit of 11 authorized devices for the second time a few days ago. This goes back like 14 years since they started that method. Still waiting for support to reset the counter so I can authorize Helix Native on a PC rebuild. WTF with a lifetime limit? As long as I deauthorize...
  11. TheX

    Extreme Dinghy Racing in Australia

    At first I was like, EXTREME? Doesn't look that extreme... Till I remembered that this is in AUSTRALIA! Can you imagine the horrific ways of dying that live in those waters?
  12. TheX

    Watch Blue Origin test the Crew Capsule on their New Shepard Rocket!

    This will be the inaugural flight of the fourth New Shepard booster
  13. TheX

    SpaceX Starship SN9 Triple Static Fire!!!

    I have never seen them do two in one day. They are really stepping up their Starship game.
  14. TheX

    GMBN's "Deathgrip" Challenge

    There is a part 2 for this, but this one is better. It's Blake (GMBN do0d) with Brendan Fairclough & Olly Wilkins.
  15. TheX

    The Colorado Kid was a decent book...

    But Haven is terrible. My wife is about 8 episodes away from being done with it. I love her dearly, but some of the stuff she watches.
  16. TheX

    7th Annual Heart PSA...

    Today is the 7th anniversary of surviving my heart attack. This is obviously a big day for me. I got lucky and was able to walk away with 5 stents. A bypass is obviously a LOT worse. If you are ignoring any symptoms, don't. If you are living a less then healthy lifestyle, get regular checkups...
  17. TheX

    Biggest drone display ever!

    This is pretty badass.
  18. TheX

    Where the trail ends...

    Yeah, I'll just have to be happy watching badasses do stuff like this.
  19. TheX

    Yeah, real funny guys.

    It's Central sticking and everything. Just started. Whoever sent this, please take it back to where it belongs...thanks!
  20. TheX

    Austin Tesla Gigafactory - Day 169

    Elon is changing the say things are done...for the better. The progress in austin is incredible.

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