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  1. politenessman

    Changing stock pick ups

    Throbak. They are a little pricey, but easily the best.
  2. politenessman

    Upcoming NGD 2016 Traditional T

    yes, since the 2011 trad.
  3. politenessman

    2014 Les Paul Supreme | Triple Pickup Model

    pictures? i was just wondering, who is the guy who told you the production numbers?
  4. politenessman

    2016 Classic Gold Top

    if it was a 2016 classic, then it wasnt a traditional 1960. that guitar was made in 2011. the gold top was a traditional 1960 zebra, and had uncovered pickups (57 classic and 57 classic plus) and a satin finish.
  5. politenessman

    2016 Junior

    sure about that? they have been selling that guitar for years and never once have i seen or heard the name john genzale jr or johnny thunders mentioned in reference to it. rowe will even admit that neither he or the guitar has any association or endorsement from the estate. now, thats what i...
  6. politenessman

    2016 Junior

    this will be 2016, the 25th anniversary of genzale's death. where is the johnny thunders tribute (or memorial) junior? dc, 1 p90, wrap around. where is the johnny thunders tribute special? sc, 2x p90, wrap around bridge. boycott these half assed attempts. this one is up on the wall at matts...
  7. politenessman

    2016 Plaintop Trad - $1999 at Dave's

    yes, that what i meant. sweetwaters.
  8. politenessman

    Best way to finish the finish

    a lot of guys here use virtuoso. Virtuoso Premium Polish and Cleaner - Home i started using this a couple years back. it is expensive, but my lp is my prize possession and i tend to indulge it. when i first bought zymol for guitars, it was less than $20. get the one in the middle GBC#. gbcv
  9. politenessman

    2016 Plaintop Trad - $1999 at Dave's

    there was a few threads here about them 2 or 3 weeks ago. i think they had them at wildwood.
  10. politenessman

    Changes to a Les Paul Studio

    the pickups would change the sound the most. but there are other things that can change the sound a little (some are debatable) like the wiring harness (caps and pots), bridge (material of bridge and saddles makes a difference), some guys say the tailpiece position and material also changes...
  11. politenessman

    Ugliest Les Paul Ever?

    or the "snakes 'n barrels" tribute les paul. 60523654 by , on Flickr
  12. politenessman

    Ugliest Les Paul Ever?

    its the new dj ashba signature.
  13. politenessman

    Measuring Darkness

    if its too dark, get a vox amp and/or a rangemaster.
  14. politenessman

    Feel of different fretboard materials???

    i feel sort of the same way, just not to that degree. my first les paul was an alpine white studio with ebony fb.
  15. politenessman

    Adjusable titanium nut

    google "titanium nut for gibson". there is around 242,000 hits, including a few that are about titanium nuts. they are on the 2016 hp's, so they should be for sale real soon, if not now.
  16. politenessman

    Another Terror Attack Foiled

    i was keeping the number on the low side in order to not have to defend it. it still a somewhat larger number than 130 frenchmen. remember when france denied our bombers based in the u.k. permission to overfly their country on the way to bomb libya during the "line of death" days? all the...
  17. politenessman

    Another Terror Attack Foiled

    isis kills 100,000 iraqis and syrians, nobody cares. 130 french people and the entire eu wants to turn syria into a parking lot.
  18. politenessman

    Survey about Gibson 2015

    "How soulful technology G-Force is?" how come all of a sudden yoda cares about g-force?
  19. politenessman

    junior question

    no veneer on gibsons. you are thinking of prs.
  20. politenessman

    Measuring Darkness

    thats easy for you to say.

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