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  1. Rico

    Check out where the input jack access is.

    Seems that the first Goldtop LPs had the input jack on the top of the body like the Sg, 335 and various others.
  2. Rico

    GP Listen and Compare 5 new PAF Clones

    Listen & Compare 5 New PAF Clones | GuitarPlayer
  3. Rico

    Here's a pedal that you might want at home to practice with.

    BeatBuddy | The world's first guitar pedal/drum machine hybrid
  4. Rico


    Anyone use one of these? BeatBuddy | The world's first guitar pedal/drum machine hybrid
  5. Rico

    100 Boss Compact Pedals E-Book

    Here is the download link.:dude: Guitar Player Celebrates 100 Boss Compact Pedals | GuitarPlayer
  6. Rico

    Who prices these?

    Auction World Shocker: Vintage Guitars Fetch Rock-Bottom Low Prices at NYC Auction « Guitar Aficionado
  7. Rico

    COMPARISON MONTAGE [PAF-Style Humbucker Roundup

    Check it out. Videos featuring premier content from the guitar world -
  8. Rico

    Carr Amplifiers Impala

    Carr Amplifiers Impala Impeccably Designed Amp Offers Lush Sound, Plenty of Power | Product Reviews |
  9. Rico

    Pup in backwards

    I have a neck pickup that came from a left handed guitar, if I put it in with the screw poles toward the fret board, the lead is too short because the wire coming out of the pickup is up by the Low E string, but if I put it in with the screws facing toward the bridge pickup the lead is now down...
  10. Rico

    Your Strumming must be precise.

    It's a cool looking guitar, but I could never strum the thing with all them knobs along the top. GuitarPlayer: Eastwood Guitars Announces the New G. Love 'Black & Blue' Airline Guitar
  11. Rico

    Free Online Ear Training for Musicians

    Free Online Ear Training - EarBeater | EarBeater
  12. Rico

    Ghost Blues: The Story of Rory Gallagher

    For those who are fans. Fender News:Ghost Blues: The Story of Rory Gallagher
  13. Rico

    Lynyrd Skynyrd's Inspiration is a Free Bird at Last

    Lynyrd Skynyrd's Inspiration is a Free Bird at Last - Stop The Presses!
  14. Rico

    Liberace Museum is Closing It's Doors.

    My Mom, loved this guy. I grew up watching his show, had no choice. But he was Mr. Bling before anyone knew what Bling was. And in his day, he would have made Elton John look like a piker. A true showman.
  15. Rico’s Top 50 Frontmen (and Frontwomen): Full List, Readers Poll Revealed

    What do you think.? You can read it here.’s Top 50 Frontmen (and Frontwomen) of All Time 1. Mick Jagger (The Rolling Stones) 2. Freddie Mercury (Queen) 3. Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin) 4. Elvis Presley 5. James Brown 6. Jimi Hendrix 7. Michael Jackson (The...
  16. Rico

    Which set.?

    I have an Epiphone Sheraton II, and I'm going to replace all of the wiring, caps, pots switches, etc and pickups. Right now I have two sets of pickups. One set is a pair of Gibson 57 Classics. (No Classic Plus). The other set is a pair of WB's V.T.P.H. Both sets in Gold. So I'd just like...
  17. Rico

    For REAL, just the NECK.!?

    Ebay Item 220638329180
  18. Rico

    1955 Gibson Les Paul guitar owned by Paul Kossoff Free

    I couldn't get the link to work, but the item number is 1504626667
  19. Rico

    Jimmy Page's Gear (Much thanks to Woody Tone)

    Member Woody Tone has a web-site and news letter that I've subscribed to. He always has a lot of interesting stuff. This one is about the set up Mr. Page has in use. WoodyTone! - Jimmy Page’s ‘It Might Get Loud’ Gear There is also a link to the Techs site, a guy by the name of Pete...
  20. Rico

    I've Joined the Reissue Gang

    I was able to get two reissues, one is a 2006 R7 GoldTop which I scored from forum member Hawk and the other is a 2009 R8 Iced Tea VOS Plain Top, from member Battery198. (Thanks Guys) Both got here on the same day. Well all I can say is WOW:wow: these are really nice players. I've tuned them...

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