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    RiP Scott Walker

    RiP Scott Walker (Noel Scott Engel) January 9, 1943 – March 25, 2019
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    RIP Peter Tork

    The Monkees star Peter Tork dies aged 77 Read more:
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    Happy 75th Birthday Keef

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    59 years ago today

    Hard to believe but 59 years ago today it was anounced that Britons were to be allowed, at last, to buy instruments and records from the US.
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    2013 LPJ Question

    String change & tidy up time for my Lefty 2013 LPJ. Any ideas what the C2 refers to in the neck pickup cavity. (The LPJL in the bridge cavity is fairly obvious).
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    Out of hibernation - Yamaha SG3000s

    I thought it was time to bring out of hibernation my 1983 Yamaha SG3000s. I put it away a couple of years ago after picking up a 2016 Les Paul Studio and 50's Tribute. Hovering at around 10Lbs, I'd forgotten just how heavy the SG is. I need to change the strings and give it a bit of a sparkle...

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