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  1. Sinster

    Trads and Standards

  2. Sinster

    Sophie's Choice

    2020 as it has more pro's.
  3. Sinster

    UPDATE: Finally got my 1st Gibson. Is this normal?

    If this was on a "knock off" people would be chiming in with.. "you get what you pay for". Since it's a Gibson it's accepted.
  4. Sinster

    New Les Paul Standard 60s Rosewood Fretboard - should I return it?

    Ask the place you purchased it from how much of a discount they are willing to give you. If they are willing and the discount is something that makes it worth keeping it with the fretboard as is.
  5. Sinster

    UPDATE: Finally got my 1st Gibson. Is this normal?

    I always found that pictures sometimes made it worse than it actually looks.. Personally if I purchased it new I would be fine with it and would hope that it would fall under OEM warranty if it did de-laminate. The only concern I have is that the seller hid it from you. I know it's not the...
  6. Sinster

    UPDATE: Finally got my 1st Gibson. Is this normal?

    Very crappy job. Not sure I've seen a two ply clearly noticeable as this one.
  7. Sinster

    Price list for "older" Gibson guitars?

    Go to places like buy a husk, look around for the hardware and electronics. You can usually get the guitar at new price or little over. If you are frugal you can probably get it cheaper going this route.
  8. Sinster


    That website is worthless. You're just verifing you have a legit s/n and not the guitar. Even then the S/N you can easily make one up.
  9. Sinster

    Fingerboards on the Traditional Pro V Hog Top

    My 2012 Studio has bake maple and it looks more like the one the right, but doesn't have the grain. Yours look like more rosewood to me just tighter pores.
  10. Sinster

    It was so thirsty

    Watch out for Boiled Linseed Oil used rags thy can self combust.
  11. Sinster

    It was so thirsty

    Do what EVH did.. let the oils from your fingers condition the fretboard.
  12. Sinster

    Help Please!

    Google the Serial Number. There are two other guitars that pop up with that s/n.
  13. Sinster

    How do I learn about my old Les Paul?

    Huh? Missing your s/n?
  14. Sinster

    Gibson LP Traditional PRO V

    That is hot!!! I'm not going lie I wish mine was a plane top.
  15. Sinster

    NGD Gibson LPC - Need Advice

    I would keep it, because I know guitar electronics and know how to change out my own pickups. To be honest that deal about removing the EMG's and then send him the EMG's. The seller will refund you 450-500... Not sure what local Luthiers would charge for a pickup change, but it sounds like he...
  16. Sinster

    Trad pro III tone controls??

    One of the push/pull should be a boost. Also check and make sure the wires didnt' pull out of your battery box. The Volumes will coil split. The tones Push/Pull, bridge is to select which coil you want of the pickup, the neck is for the boost.
  17. Sinster

    Need help deciding which Les Paul to buy

    I own 50's and 60's neck Les Pauls. The 50 I have both 50's and 60's necks. The only time I can tell is when I play 2013 Traditional with the baseball 50's neck. Even coming from the other 50's neck it's noticeable.
  18. Sinster

    Need help deciding which Les Paul to buy

    Sounds like you're more towards the 50. The pickups could be changed out, but you never know they might sound great in the guitar you get. Plus it's a Gold Top ;)
  19. Sinster

    stolen guitars

    No, I blame that great tasting cupcakes!
  20. Sinster

    Last time I shopped for an LP was ~ 8 years ago. Seems like a lot has changed since.

    Gibson did a few changes in 2015 and wasn't received very well. That doesn't mean they are bad guitars. There are some years that had Les Paul HP's (High Performance) models. There was a changing of the guard in 2018 (?) so some 2019 are from the previous CEO era and later 2019 are from the...

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