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  1. CB91710

    NGD - Taylor 314

    Finally... after a 3-week ordeal with USPS, my Taylor that I bought from @Olds442 has arrived! My first nylon-strung guitar... going to take some getting used to, but the action is nice and it plays well. I bought it because I've been wanting to branch out into some different styles... now I...
  2. CB91710

    NGD - Joe Bonamassa '58 Black Beauty

    She's here. 9 pounds. Will get the neck measurements next weekend when I change the strings and do a setup after she acclimates. Plugged it into my Fly-3, sound from the pickups has a consistent volume in all positions, except for a slight drop in the bridge/middle OOP position. As others have...
  3. CB91710

    RIP Phyllis Fender

    Confirmed by G&L No details
  4. CB91710

    Favorite Black Rifle Coffee blend?

    Had a few beers before bed last night and got a hair up my butt to order a box of K-Cups of BRC "Freedom Fuel" dark roast, because what's the fun in shopping sober? If we like it, we'll probably get a subscription to their bagged beans. Never tried it before, and never been much of a coffee...
  5. CB91710

    WiFi Router recommendations

    OK, My router is pretty decent... An Asus RT-AC87R But every now and then it seems like it'll drop wireless connection, and though my ISP claims 200mb, I can't pull better than 100mb on the hardwire connections (WiFi is ~50) It's a few years old, so if there is something better, I wouldn't...
  6. CB91710

    Important Line 6 G10 Recall/Firmware Update

    Just got this email this morning. I don't have one, I'm on their mailing list from my POD. I've heard about issues with this unit some time ago. Due to a recently discovered safety issue with the Relay G10T Transmitter, Relay G10T owners are asked to immediately discontinue use of their Relay...
  7. CB91710

    Video from a friend

    Video that's a couple of years old, filmed/produced by a guy I grew up with. Some of us were pretty successful, being involved in Firefly, Buffy, Angel, 9-1-1, and AHS.... Some destined for Indy films... Some went into traffic engineering because mom said "You'll never get anywhere making those...
  8. CB91710

    Care of suede cowboy boots?

    OK, I'm getting nowhere on anything specific for the brand/style that I bought, and all I'm finding on Youtube is either specific to hard leather, or the more coarse suede skins. Other than that... I'm just finding a bunch of "ASMR" (whatever the hell that is) that do not describe the products...
  9. CB91710

    If anyone personally knows Kennis Russell

    Kennis's Youtube channel was hijacked last night. New videos... really creepy animated stuff... are being posted hourly or more frequently. Even the name of the channel has been changed (looks like Arabic script.) I've sent him a couple of messages in FB Messenger, but I don't know if he...
  10. CB91710

    NGD: 2019 Flying V!

    I'm finally the owner of a Flying-V. Been lusting afer a number of Gibson guitars for 40 years, could never afford them, or for some other reason, just didn't buy them. So this year, in addition to the Original series 60s Les Paul, I've just added a Flying V. This one began its current life as...

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