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  1. strat1701

    NGD! 2018 R9 Braz

    Decided to go for one of the leftovers @ Dave's and by no means 'leftovers' denoting something bad. I was choosing between two of them from the run in 2018 and opted for this one: I've had braz boarded guitars before, (vintage 56,57 and 62 but not a 'burst') and honestly, this braz board...
  2. strat1701

    Loud hum with humbuckers.

    are you playing with one of these> [img[ I love mine..... :D
  3. strat1701

    NFL 2020 Playoffs and Superbowl

    I can smell and almost taste it.....nothing here comes remotely close to Buffalo wings/pizza...nothing....
  4. strat1701

    How Much Is a COA Worth?

    how much is it worth???? try selling one without it..... they're worth a whole lot....
  5. strat1701

    F/S 2013 R9 Wheat Burst

  6. strat1701

    String gauge

    I'd say if you're using standard pitch tuning you may need a slight adjustment on the truss rod, but if you're djenting, then probably no.
  7. strat1701

    Tapered pots, how they work and is one better than the other

    I'm sorry I'm not sciencing today..... :D
  8. strat1701

    True Historic spec question

    my .02 just based on photos in that ad you posted, the pickup covers do look a bit more 'rounded' and softer edges around the adjustment screw holes. This was started in 2015 when they (Gibson) tried to make the pu covers a bit more authentic as the stamping process dies as they're used tend to...
  9. strat1701

    F/S 2013 R9 Wheat Burst

    sold payment pending...
  10. strat1701

    F/S 2013 R9 Wheat Burst

    Part of a 25 guitar run for Guitar Center, this is what's called Wheat Burst for the color. It's tea with a hint of red. Made to all 2013 specs (hide glue, no trussrod, custombuckers, correct dye, single piece rosewood, etc..) Neck is around . 905 (I don't have a funcitonal caliper...
  11. strat1701

    F/S 2011 R9 Siberian Tiger

    it's an 1959 Reissue with specs from 2011 but was a limited custom run called Siberian Tiger. The backs on these as well as the neck are black. Done for Guitar Center, there are supposedly around 45 of them in existence from what I was told. They are NOT the same guitar that look like the...
  12. strat1701

    F/S 2019 60th Anniversary R9

    sale pending payment.......
  13. strat1701

    NFL 2020 Playoffs and Superbowl

    Man, Buffalo's defense won that game. The offense needs to step up like the D did this past week. They won't beat KC or Cleveand if their offense can only put up 10 points. Allen was trying to force things first half for sure, had some misses that shouldn't have been. Still need some...
  14. strat1701

    Watch NASA fire up SLS for the first time!

    TVC violation.....but it sounds as if they want to box it up and ship it to Kennedy like ASAP without running another test to see if the TVC actually works. Werner is probably not that impressed.......
  15. strat1701

    What's with the OTHER LP Forum?

    I was just trying again now to pull that forum up, it was up earlier in the week, I assume its some technical issue with the VM or hosting provider. But yeah 2 days at least they've been inaccessable.
  16. strat1701

    Whats happened to the guitar store?

    I'm amazed that one local store here didn't get gobbled up by Guitar Center's influence, having starting up just when GC was taking over here about 25yrs ago. I won't do business with them because I think the owners are assholes, but it's nice to see that not ALL small music stores fold under...
  17. strat1701

    What year is it?!?!??

  18. strat1701

    I got me an OX !!!

    Nothing truer have ever been said about Line6. They were cool, back in like 2001.....but even then I quickly found out how un-useable at a gig their products are....
  19. strat1701

    I got me an OX !!!

    Side note> It just kills me how everything now is iOT. From thermostats, to home security, to TV's to refrigerators, Even though I've worked in IT as a network engineer for over 20+ years I'm still old school, not everything NEEDS to be on the internet. Increasing your exposure vector...
  20. strat1701

    59 Singlecut

    hawt damn.... had you bumped this 2 days ago. vs. the only 3 pages of classifieds I perused..... killer.... period...

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