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  1. lowatter

    Intonating Epiphone '58 LPC, not enough saddle travel ?

    Are you certain that the TOM bridge isn't backwards? Pics would really help.
  2. lowatter

    Plum Crazy Bass

    That's plum awesome Freddy! What a nice gesture and I bet it sounds phenomenal. You could call it the "Cuda " or the "Challenger". :dude:
  3. lowatter

    This is listed in the Carolinas

    Yeah Peter but isn't it usually the norm to pull the frets around the 14th and down and drill a hole in the center of the fret to the glue depth and steam the neck off that way? Maybe I'm wrong on this but wouldn't that afford a better purchase for re-gluing the repaired or new neck? I ask this...
  4. lowatter

    This is listed in the Carolinas

    The hacked up neck pocket makes me wonder how the neck was removed. Looks like huge holes were drilled through the fretboard until it loosened up. Very odd and sad. :dunno:
  5. lowatter

    Is it blasphemy to affix a new bigsby to a 40-year-old ES-335?

    I would do it in a heartbeat if it were modern day Epiphone. USA Gibson,
  6. lowatter

    How thick is a MIM Strat sealer/primer/paint/finish?

    Thanks ARandall. I re-worded the title to add sealer.
  7. lowatter

    01 Gibson LP DC with Crack Help

    Been there, done that...
  8. lowatter


    Just a wish that you and yours have a wonderful new year and may the days ahead bring you joy and prosperous times. This little corner of the world wide web brings me joy and fulfillment. Thanks to you all good folks and many blessings this coming new year!
  9. lowatter

    Looking for something of interest in the Luthier's Corner? Check out the archives!

    Fortunately I've never uploaded to Photobucket but I'd be REALLY pissed if the ransoming happened to me. I'd just thought I'd share that Flickr has been good for me for uploading and a few years back they expanded the quantity of storage and they continue to upgrade the options on categorizing...
  10. lowatter

    To Those That Celebrate Christmas-

    May you and yours find peace and joy in this holiday season! Hopefully 2021 be a better year for all of us. It's been a hard year at the Lowatter house. I'll be applying for permanent disability soon and jumping through those hoops but I'm thankful that I'm still vertical. Blessings to all of...
  11. lowatter

    early gibson hollow body....can some one supply pics and some idea of exactly what it is....

    The ES in ES-140 stands for "Electric Spanish". That's what Gibson called the hollowbody line back in the days when guitars 1st were amplified to be heard in orchestras and big bands. They kept this designation for the hollowbody line.
  12. lowatter

    early gibson hollow body....can some one supply pics and some idea of exactly what it is....

    How come I never find Electric Spanish Gibson guitars at the dump? :hmm:
  13. lowatter

    Well, crap :( Found dings after applying vinyl sealer. What now?

    I really like the trick of putting duct tape on the back of the sandpaper Tom uses to sand the back of the neck after the guide coat spraying. Epic build thread Tom graced us with in 2011.
  14. lowatter

    Bridge reglue

    I did a bridge reglue on a Martin years ago and I made up cantilever clamps that would clamp the bridge going through the sound hole. They were easy to make and worked perfectly.
  15. lowatter

    Adding a neck pickup to my Custom built Junior

    ^^^^^^THIS^^^^^^. Man, I'd leave it alone but if necessary have you considered a single coil sized humbucker? It would take up less of a footprint and be safer on the neck joint perhaps.
  16. lowatter

    What router to get to increase the depth of a pickup cavity?

    Bosch Colts are pricey but if you need one to keep in your shop and use often, they're a good choice. I have a similar laminate trimmer from HF that still is going strong however as much as I use it and it's 16 years old.
  17. lowatter

    Les Paul Special DC Inspired Build

    Looking great! Keep it coming.
  18. lowatter

    What's on YOUR workbench right now?

    When your link goes to the Guild site I can't get anywhere to read the article. John sure is knowledgeable and prolific.
  19. lowatter

    NON-luthier related. Ode to Scott Merritt and David Wilcox

    Sorry for posting this here but Freddy may have them as customers or others and may share a story or two. As a born Hamiltonian who went to Mohawk College in Brantford Ontario and now resides in South Carolina, I like to promote Canadian artists I appreciate. I saw Scott Merritt for free at a...

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