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    Removing a Setneck with Minimal Damage

    I've always liked the aesthetically pleasing (to my eye) look of Straty semi hollow guitars such as the Schecter C1, Ibanez ADJ91, AWD82T and such and wanted to build one as I progressed as an amateur builder. Naturally, when I came across a C1 with a broken top for a pittance on local...
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    NGD At Last: JS6400-An Experimental Build

    First thread here. I'm not quite ready to start an LP build, but am planning on a chambered LP build later on. I finally finished my take on a 24 fret version of the old Ibanez JS6000 which I call the JS6400. I started this buil in mid-September with modifying a 22 fret JS/Radius body printout...

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