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  1. BluesRock

    Strange amp issue over the weekend

    I was playing out on Saturday night and in the middle of the third song my Marshall DSL40 volume faded out. I messed around a bit and the volume came back but then seemed to intermittently fade out and come back every few minutes. This happened with both my LP and Strat. Some friends in...
  2. BluesRock

    1950 Fender Deluxe - Help needed.

    Last week I finally bought the 1950 Deluxe I have been looking at. Some photos in this thread So far I've replaced the filter caps, disconnected the "death cap", and installed a 3 prong power chord. When checking the plate dissipation...
  3. BluesRock

    1951 Fender Tweed Deluxe

    A friend of mine owns a small music school/store and recently took in a bunch of vintage guitars and amps on consignment from an estate sale. The guitars sold quickly but a few of the amps have been just sitting there for a while. One of the amps is a 51 Tweed Deluxe TV front. Its definitely...
  4. BluesRock

    Clutch Vocal Effects

    My band is planning on covering Electric Worry by Clutch and I'm trying to figure out what is going on with the vocals at the beginning of the song. I hear some delay but is there more going on than that? I'd like to figure out a way to get in the ballpark with that sound as I think it adds to...
  5. BluesRock

    New app for Joey and the rest of the bathroom slayers

    App allows you to talk to someone else who is taking a sh!t while you are taking a sh!t. App Of The Century Allows You To Talk To Someone Else Who Is Taking A **** While You're Taking A ****
  6. BluesRock

    Cable Marking

    How do you mark your cables to show ownership, length, etc.?
  7. BluesRock

    PSA - Hot vs Crazy
  8. BluesRock

    Mechanics wreck Farrari Enzo

    Rare Ferrari crashes on I-95 in Stamford - StamfordAdvocate All I can picture is this:
  9. BluesRock

    Shure PE515

    So I picked up one of these last night in a silent auction to raise money for local musician with some serious medical expenses. I may need to learn to play the harmonica now as it seems to be regarded as a great live harp mic. Its a hi-z, unbalanced dynamic mic so it can be plugged directly...
  10. BluesRock

    Advice on a Condenser Mic for Vocals

    I'm looking to buy my first condenser mic for vocals. I am not a good vocalist so the main purpose of the mic (at least for now) will be to record myself to help improve my singing so I'm looking for a mic that will accurately capture my voice. Looking to stay in the under $200ish price range...
  11. BluesRock

    Audio Interface Issue?

    I recently got a Steinberg UR22 USB interface. I got it all hooked up, downloaded and installed the latest drivers, and everything seems to work great except that once in a while, when playing a track, the playback cuts out for about a second or two and then comes back in. It's not just the...
  12. BluesRock

    NAD Mesa Boogie Express 5:25 Plus

    Got the Mesa Express 5:25+ Head last week. It's been a busy week and I've only had a few hours with it but so far it is everything I was looking for. I'm playing it through a home made 1X12 open back cab with a Mesa C-90 speaker. The 5 watt setting is great for home use. It sounds decent at TV...
  13. BluesRock

    New Cab Build

    I just built my first 1x12 cab to go with a Mesa Express Plus. Construction is 3/4" and 1/2" birch ply with rabbeted corners and a fixed baffle set in a dado. I have a bunch of photos from during the build if anyone thinks they would be useful.
  14. BluesRock

    Studies suggest women are more attracted to a man if he’s holding a guitar.

    For women, it seems, there’s something about a man holding an instrument. That’s the conclusion of a just-published study from France, which found a man is more attractive to the opposite sex if there’s a guitar in his hand. Its results confirm the findings of a similar...
  15. BluesRock

    This is one way to play a double neck...

    :wow: Guy Plays "Dueling Banjos" Solo On Double Necked Guitar - YouTube sorry for the double post. How do I delete this one?
  16. BluesRock

    This is one way to play a double neck...

  17. BluesRock

    Some nice playing

    Smells Like Teen Spirit - Kennedy Rose's Nirvana cover - YouTube
  18. BluesRock

    Intonation question

    Last night I noticed my intonation was way off on my low E and A strings. When I got the guitar (2012 Trad) I checked the setup and everything seemed ok. I have switched to DR Pure Blues 10s which as far as I can tell are the same gauge as the original strings. The low E was about 40-50 cents...
  19. BluesRock

    NGD: Traditional Iced Tea

    Finally got my first Les Paul and am loving it.
  20. BluesRock

    Time to say hello

    I've been lurking here for a while. Sucking up information and learning everything I needed to know (and a lot of stuff I didn't need to know) about Les Pauls. For all of that, thank you. I've been playing guitar on and off for years but never really put in the practice to get to were I want to...

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