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    Another Junior

    I loved my 2019 Junior. About a year ago I found a 2019 LPJr Tobacco Burst Single Cut on Craigslist. It had been produced at Gibson only 6 months prior to my purchase. The Seller lived in a rural area and I agreed to meet him 1/2 way when he was coming 'into town' to 'get his hair cut'. It...
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    2019 vs 2020 Serial numbers

    Anyone know where the 2019 serial numbers end and the 2020 serial numbers begin? I'm seeing a lot of new guitars for sale with serials that begin "133" or "134"....then others that begin "20" ?? Help understanding appreciated.
  3. K

    Ok...I'm finally ready for my new Les Paul

    Now I am just awaiting a 40% off coupon from a dealer that offers free shipping and no taxes. lol
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    2019 Les Paul Junior Tobacco Burst - I'm Confused

    So I watched these go by in 2015. I passed. 2018, I passed. 2019 I really liked. I couldn't pull the trigger....too expensive in my mind at the time. I found a 2019 used locally at a buy and I've loved it loved it loved it. Sweetwater and others have not had inventory for awhile....but now...
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    Help with a first real Les Paul

    Long time member. Great forum and information here...looking for some specific suggestions in hopes you can guide me. I am an adult bedroom/hobby player and have enjoyed a plethora of guitars over the years. Strats, teles, hollow body, acoustics, dreads, small body etc. Until...

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