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    My Luthier gets mad whenever I ask him about my guitar...

    Ditto... Steve is most likely using eastern hard maple, Honduran mahogany, Brazilian rosewood, and holly for his builds. After all, he is selling "replica" kits...
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    My Luthier gets mad whenever I ask him about my guitar...

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    Replica vs. Historic

    wtf ???
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    The No BS Inlay Thread

    i got some really good pictures of your 5/3 mag puppys on this thread i need to give you some promo... i am adding a sound video of 2 identical guitars one with yours and 1 with long mag paf's..
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    The No BS Inlay Thread

    i'm not much of an andy agenburst. anyone know where to get the special 60 watt bulb commonly used to age plastic's and mother of toilet seat ? i like how the edges age more than the middle it's bad ass..
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    A How To Guide on How To Suck!

    sucking is not always a bad thing because that's where everyone, everyone starts out..
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    Replica Les Pauls show em!!

    me ? pictures of some of the guitars i made the past few months.
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    Replica Les Pauls show em!!

    ,, , , , ,
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    MHD update thread

    ok, thanks
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    MHD update thread

    back to work.
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    MHD update thread

    mhd very very nice pickups. very cost effective. read some of this thread customers seem very happy.
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    Chandler on eBay

    thank you..
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    my first ever project, any advice is really appreciated

    go back an get the japan one. the china will never be the guitar you want it to be . you bond so you play on feel . lots of feel to japan squire. i was shocked when i grabed one a few years ago . i thought it was miss priced.. that day i bought a new bass, a japan sting bass.. 94 was 40th anni...

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