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    How to fix this?

    Without replacing the pot
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    Best overdrive to go into slightly overdriven tweed

    Here are some of my options: RC booster, Fulltone OCD, Tubescreamer, BB Preamp I don't have the chance to test them, since i'm buying online
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    What's the U shaped neck profile on les pauls?

    Is that the 50s neck or the 60s slim tapper?
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    What is this burst called?

    Honey burst or lemon burst?
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    Help with wiring. Is this kit missing the ground connections

    I think there are three wire missing? The ground wires that connects: neck volume --> neck tone --> bridge tone --> bridge volume Just to make sure
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    Which pot should the bridge ground wire connect to?

    In a standard les paul wiring. The seymour duncan diagram tells me to connect them to bridge tone pot, but i assume it's okay to just connect it to any pot?

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