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  1. SRich

    Strymon Flint Reverb/Tremolo

    I have had a Flint for a year or so and cannot speak more highly of it. Folks seem to love Neunabar Wet (especially the stereo) but the 'verb AND trem in the Flint is the clincher for me. I control the trem speed with an expression pedal (you can assign any parameter to the exp pedal) and for a...
  2. SRich

    FS: 2014 Gibson Les Paul Traditional Ocean Blue

    Everyone should have room for another blue guitar. Stunning.
  3. SRich

    FT Feeler - Fender Telecaster JR - Custom Shop

    Ya don't see many of guitar......bump.
  4. SRich

    FS (UK): Late 60's/Early 70's Gibson Hard Case - Purple lined.

    Enjoy a Christmas Bump...... ......where in the UK?
  5. SRich

    Gibson Les Paul Custom 1954 Historic Reissue 2003 - RS Kit, Pigtail etc (UK/EU)

  6. SRich

    Gibson Les Paul Custom 1954 Historic Reissue 2003 - RS Kit, Pigtail etc (UK/EU)

    Man.............that's a guitar I have always promised myself. GLWTS
  7. SRich

    Some nice upgrades for my Gibson ES-339

    Steve: Are those Grovers a straight replacement - i.e. same screw config? I also assume there's no difference in balance on the neck - like the old neck dive issue on SG's. SteveR
  8. SRich

    NGD - Gibson 339 Light Caramel Burst

    Congrats, nice 339. Now play it to death! Your post echoes my experience buying new - unseen from a UK store. I got 335 Block Reissue which had a couple of issues - nothing major. I also bought a cherry 339 from a fellow MLP'er (thanks Paddy!) which was completely fettled and a beautiful...
  9. SRich

    FS Gibson J-180 Acoustic - Everly Brothers style

    Gulp....this is my all time favourite acoustic. GLWTS
  10. SRich

    2008 Gibson Les Paul STD. Faded SOLD!!!

    Nice...............GLWTS If this was in the UK, I'd be all over it.
  11. SRich

    WTB: Fulltone OCD - Strymon Flint

    Almost the weekend bump
  12. SRich

    WTB: Fulltone OCD - Strymon Flint

    WTB: Fulltone OCD V3 or V4 WTB: Strymon Flint UK Based pref......not essential......anyone?
  13. SRich

    Near Mint 77 White Les Paul Custom For Sale/For Trade - EU only

    Dang.......where was this when I was in Bruges last March / April....<S> Is this sub 10lbs or a real man's guitar?
  14. SRich

    Warmoth (Japanese Equivalent???)

    Sorry, couldn't help it........:thumb::lol:
  15. SRich

    near mint 1973 Gibson Les Paul Black Beauty for sale, EU only

    Dang.......needs a Bigsby to get it up to weight. GLWS
  16. SRich

    Jimmy Page Tone Unlocked

    That's a great read.......just finished that a couple of weeks ago. Not sure that it answers any questions for the OP though. ..........Still a great read even for non LZ fans.
  17. SRich not use the Blue Book to sell your guitars!!

    Not to derail, but when I saw the abbreviated thread title as: not use the Blue... My first thought was ACID :thumb:
  18. SRich

    Wts 2007 les paul tobacco faded! guys kill me. If this was in the UK, I'd be all over it. Up to the top
  19. SRich

    How do you Pronounce ES-335?

    I pronounce it Brit style Three Three Five..then one appeared I pronounced Three Three Nine......and one appeared Now I'm pronouncing Three Thirty to see what happens.....
  20. SRich

    ES-335 Yes or No?

    I think 335's are exempt from the forces of GAS - you should just have one. Beware though, Semi's are as addictive as LP's........I pulled the trigger on a great 339 after the 335.

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