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    UPS Pack and Ship

    I have a question. I bought a guitar from a very nice elderly lady who is keen to get it to me, however, she can't really do much in the way of packing, I don't want to inconvenience her. The deal is legit, it's all gone through now, but she still needs to mail it to me, and I was considering...
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    WTB : Johnny Marr Jaguar - Sherwood Green

    Looking for this particular model of guitar, I know this might not be the right forum, but you never know who might have one. I missed out on it when it was released, so am keen to pick one up soonish. I am not big on the other two colors, the Sherwood Green is the one I'm after. Can do trade or...
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    Price Check - Jimmy Page # 2 VOS

    Just wanted to see what the going rate is for these right now, as I have a chance to get one in unplayed condition and want to see if the price is competitive?
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    '59 Flathead Pickguard Screw for JPP VOS

    I'm having REAL trouble finding a flathead screw for my JPP pickguard. I have read the Jimmy's #1 '59 has flathead slotted screw, whereas some other '59's have the cross head. I have a picture of what I'm after, it has a slight patina, nothing too aged. Can anyone point me in the right...
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    Jimmy Page Custom Authentic #1 Rewiring?

    I've been comparing the sound of my JPCA to a lot of live show recordings and I'm convinced the wiring on this model is off, because I can't get the in phase neck and bridge tone he uses with this model. The coil split, I hardly use it, so could I rewire the push pull pot to control the phase...
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    Pickguard screw and pickguard bracket screw

    One is flat head and the other is Phillips head. They look to be nickel rather than really shiny. Anyone know where I can get a really good match, aged, for a Jimmy Page Custom Authentic #1?
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    Jimmy Page Custom Authentic - Gibson Logo Color

    One is yellowed, other other is not. Any idea why this might be, is it the lacquer? Pictures below for comparison, one is a low/mid serial, the other is very high for the series.
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    Gibson Repair Shop Authenticity vs Local Luthier

    Any experiences with sending things to the Gibson Repair Shop in an attempt to retain the most value in my guitar. I have a guitar with an okish headstock repair (Jimmy Page Custom Authentic), but I want it perfect. The repair is smooth and structurally OK, but it is slightly visible. GRS...
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    Price check : JPP with snapped headstock, pro repair

    Looking to make a deal on a VOS 2006 Jimmy Page LP, just want some opinions on how this type of damage effects both the performance and value of this type of instrument. Would you consider a repair JPP at a lower price? Would this be a good candidate for a historic makeover, get it really...
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    1953 Les Paul Refin, any good?

    What do you guys think of this? Gibson Les Paul guitar - 1953 - For Sale by Owner
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    Ebay Listing 281305890026 : Fake JP2?

    Gibson Custom Shop Jimmy Page Something about this doesn't add up, any one got any thoughts? Opps sorry, new to forums, delete this, I saw the stickied fake ebay thread! My bad!
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    Cleaning my JPP

    I recently managed to fulfill a life long dream and get a Jimmy Page Signature Les Paul. It makes me so happy and I really enjoy playing it! I notice that there is quite a lot of bleeding on the binding on the fretboard (it's going red colored) which isn't a huge concern as I understand this...

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