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    Damn that Tape deck thread!!!!!

    After reading that thread and hooking up my old Technics dual cassette deck I have been sitting here for the last 6 hours listening to a number of old tapes; Ry Cooder - Into the Purple Valley and Borderline I love his stuff. Hadn't realized how much I love his stuff Hadn't listened to him in...
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    "Vintage" Vintage Guitar Magazine

    I was going thru a boxes of guitar memorabilia that I have collected over the years, and have a couple boxes of 80's/90's Vintage Guitar magazines - most issues from 1986 Volume 1 Issue 1 to early 1996. A few were lost over the years due to mice and rot, but those that survived are in good...
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    Chuck Yeager RIP

    Just saw on the news that Chuck Yeager passed away at the age of 97. This guy lived a life most people could only dream of.
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    SNL Super Spreader event.

    Y'all have to watch it. Find it on YouTube. It had me in tears.
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    Audioquest cables....seriously?!?

    I was just browsing looking for an address and found this music/stereo shop in my town. I recalled seeing some articles when I saw on Audioquest cables on their list of products. Holy people actually pay these prices for RCA connector cables?!?!?
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    Building guitars saves lives

    CNN article of all places
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    Spam in PMs?

    I get enough junk email in my regular email, but now I am getting it in MLP PMs from Glarry Music? How does that happen?
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    Favorite Music Streaming Service..

    I was a very faithful user of Pandora, even paying the subscription fee versus listing for free with occasional ads. But was mentioned in a thread a few weeks ago, recommended to a MLP member by LtDave I think. I have been listening to it for the last couple of weeks and I have to say...
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    Restaurant brawls?!?

    Saw this on Marketwatch and thought it was a sign of the times. And it reminded me of this
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    Keith Richards quit smoking!

    Just saw an article on CNN that he quit and is trying to live healthier.
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    Will this make me a Hipster?!?

    In a little over an hour I go into the hospital for a total hip replacement on the left side. Just want to thank Mannish Boy and Fracture for giving me a lot of insight into what to expect. Surgeon told me I should be home on the couch later this afternoon noon. Looking forward to a good nights...
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    GC Coupons - what are they good for?

    I get the emails for GC and their "coupons". Looking at the one I got yesterday for 16% off, their are so many exclusions. Here are the limitations/exclusions for the this coupon: Home Special Coupon Details Exclusions and limitations: Not to be used in conjunction with other coupons...
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    Shelby American on Netflix

    Anybody else watch the Carroll Shelby Documentary "Shelby American" on Netflix? I thought it was really good. They didn't really talk at all about the 427 S/C roadster, just the 289 and GT 40. Below is a pic of the Factory 5 replica I used to have. If you look closely you can see ol' Shel's...
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    World's Crappiest Gin!

    World’s Crappiest Gin About a year ago, Les and Paula Ansley of Mossel Bay, South Africa, stumbled upon a novel idea for a new type of spirit, which they call Indlovu Gin, the AP reports. During a safari, they learned that elephants eat a wide variety of fruits and flowers but digest less than a...
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    Gonna get some new parts!

    For that last few years I have been having increasing issues with my left hip, and it got a lot worse in the past few months. Found out I had arthritis in that hip a few years back and had attributed much of the pain and discomfort to that. But, it has gotten to the point I have a lot of...
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    Have the Kyle's stormed Area 51?

    Was wondering if there was any news on this. Are they congregating outside the fences? Any casualties?
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    Peavey Auction...anybody looking into it?

    On Music Radar website they have an article about Peavey having an online auction where they are selling customer returns, old stock, materials, guitars, amps, etc. It is going to happen August 7th. H As part of the materials they have speaker cloth, wood, wire, etc. Here is a link to one page...
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    Echo in the Canyon - anybody else seen it?

    Couple weeks back the spousal unit and I went down to the Mayan Theater in Denver to see Echo in the Canyon,. Normally if she wants to see a movie it is going to be a chick flick and I hate it. I really enjoyed it - learned a lot more about CS &Y than I previously knew. Crosby flat out tells...
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    Dave Grohl...happy birthday!!!

    hope you have many more !
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    Decent acoustic - <$500 used, or new..

    I received a very modest bonus through work and have wanted a decent/good acoustic for a number of years. I haven't bought a new/used guitar in years. Rather than buying I began building electrics due to membership to this forum (Luthiers Corner). I would prefer an acoustic/electric, but don't...

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