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    Wonky threat warnings

    I have been getting different threat warnings when I log into MLP lately. They are all bogus, but annoying. Everything from mis-directions to "Windows system files are damaged... follow this link to resolve", blah blah. Anyone else having this problem? Running: Win 10 Firefox ...
  2. 61LPSG

    Gary Clark on Speakeasy

    I recently discovered Speakeasy on my local PBS station. Sunday they aired a show with Gary Clark Jr. and Jimmy Vaughn. It was part playing, and part discussion of their guitar influences. I found it entertaining. They both seemed very humble, and enjoyed being with each other. If you're...
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    Kramer?Focus wire color help

    I have an '83 Focus by Kramer (ESP) with a Duncan design pup. I don't have the original wire color codes. It's not the Schaller pup. Colors are: Red_Black_Orange_Brown. I'm trying to redo the "rats' nest" wiring, but not sure what's what. Has anyone come across one of these? Any help will be...
  4. 61LPSG

    Kramer Focus wire codes?

  5. 61LPSG

    Need advice on Strat-ish mod

    Hey Guys, I have never been a Strat lover, but lately I've been playing my granddaughter's Mini Strat (yes really), and I can't believe how cool it is for a $90 guitar. So I digress. I want to know if a Floyd equipped super Strat sound close to a conventional Strat. I have an '83 Kramer Focus...
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    RIP Greg Allman

    Just lost another one of my heroes. I'm a huge ABB fanboy. First saw them live '70 and even got to meet Greg, Duane, and they're all gone. I'd kill for a voice like Greg's.:sadwave:
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    ? EHX Lester G

    I'm not a pedal guy (occasionally use a little analog delay), but I am gassing for the Lester G Leslie emulator. It sounds very convincing in the Yoootooob videos. Anyone here tried or have one? What is your opinion?:hmm:
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    Volume control is always on

    OK, I decided to stick a P90 in my PRS Custom because well...I like P90's. I checked all the wiring diagrams I could find ,and used one that Jonesy supplied. LP Jr. 50's with braided wire. When I plugged it in I liked what I heard, BUT the volume pot has very little affect, and doesn't go to...
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    I just picked up a new (to me) Elitist. Actually it really is new. I don't think it has ever been played, not a mark on it. It even smells new. There's one small scuff on the OHSC. 05 Fugigen LP Standard Ebony, very nice dark rosewood board, and it feels really resonate. Neck is a tad thinner...
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    05 Elitist neck size?

    Hey folks, I just found an 05 Elitist locally (within 50 miles). S/N is F5000xx, it's a Std. Ebony, tombstone headstock, and includes the case. Very nice condition. Really been looking for a GT, but I love Ebony too. What I don't know is if the neck would be a '60's profile, or '50's. I also...
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    NGD...Epi LP Std.

    I went out to buy a new stand today and saw an Epi LP hanging in the corner of the "used" section. Played it for about 3 mins. max and grabbed it. It's a '97 Std. (Korean) in (dark) honeyburst. Nice chevron flamed top, missing the pickguard. Condition is super clean...but the set-up blew me...
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    PRS trussrod question

    Do any of you have any intimate knowledge of the PRS TR? I've had my SE Custom (06) for few years, and the neck has been very stable until just recently. They come with .0095-.044" strings and I've been using .010-.046" without any problem...(except for re-setting intonation). So I noticed a...
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    Valve Jr is breaking up

    I have an Epi Valve Jr (half stack V. 3) and it starts to crackle and break up after about 10 minutes. I need to know the proper way to get the chassis out of the cab. I've removed all the screws but the back plate won't budge. Does it come out through the front , or do I really need to get...
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    Radius on an LP back

    Can someone tell me what the proper dimension is for the radius (roundover) on the back of the older LP's. Looks like 3/16" or 1/4" rad.
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    Intonation on a stop tp?

    Ok, I'm having trouble with getting a stopbar tail piece intonated...(at my age it may just be senility). If the octave (12th fret) sounds sharp/ fretted note flat which way should I move the tp?:hmm:
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    Grain filler for mahogany?

    What do you folks use to fill your grain? Any caveats with commercial fillers? Is one brand better than the other? Has anyone made their own? Inquiring mind wants to know.
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    Show 'em

    Vintage SG??? We actually have our own place? How cool is that? The "other" LP forums treat us like lepers. Gibson called my "61 a "Les Paul" but it has since been "down-graded" to an SG.:lol: When I bought her she had a cracked neck, played just fine. 3 "PAF's", all the original hardware...
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    Replacement buttons for Kluson Deluxe?

    A few days ago I read a really good thread that ID'd all the Kluson/Gibson tuners. I can't find it in my history or through the search. Does anyone have the link? Basically I have some 60's Dbl. line tuners...metal buttons not keystone. I want to figure out if the Keystone repro 's will work. I...
  19. 61LPSG

    Tone, tone, tone...

    This is the first guy that made me fall in love with LP Jr.'s. Saw them in '69 or '70 and never got over it. Rock ON Leslie!:jam: RIP Felix YouTube - Mountain - Guitar Solo/Dreams Of Milk And Honey - 1970 YouTube - Mountain - Mississippi Queen live@ Randall's Island N.Y 1970
  20. 61LPSG

    Les Paul and Kenny Wayne Sheperd

    I was listening to Chop Shop Radio again on Sat. night...( I know, I have no life). I heard a pretty cool version of Rock and Roll Hootchie Coo, and I was trying to figure out who it was . It turned out to be Lester, and KWS. Has anyone else heard it, and does anyone know if it's on a CD? I...

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