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  1. Jackstand Johnny

    Orange Pedal Baby 100

    Same. Ive had my eyes set on the SD Powerstage 170 for a while now to replace my Orange TH30 head since I now only use my Line 6 HD500X for all of my effects including dirt. I wish Andertons had the foresight to test this Pedal Baby 100 with digital multi FX processors other than an outrageously...
  2. Jackstand Johnny

    Epi Les Paul Tone Control Delete Wiring Diagram Please?

    I cant find one anywhere. I'm sure its very smple but I just had a REAL bad experience trying to wire u pa loaded pickguard for a Schecter PT and now I just want a clear definitive answer. I have an Epi Custom Shop I got for cheap that I want to start modding. First off, I never use the tone...
  3. Jackstand Johnny

    Headrush vs. Helix LT... who will end up on top?

    Ive been drooling over the Helix, then the Helix LT came out and now this. Ive watched long tutorials on both and to me just from a face value standpoint, the Headrush is winning. MUCH larger screen, touch screen(which can suck if something goes wrong), onboard expression pedal(You can buy one...
  4. Jackstand Johnny

    Made a Custom Pickguard to Mount My korg KP2S Kaoss Pad

    BEen wanting to mount my Korg mini Kaoss Pad to a guitar for a while and since my new(to me) LP Studio is in the R&D stage I figured Id give it a go. I traced and cut out a see through green clipboard to use as the pickguard, but made it large enough to mount the KP2S. For those of you that dont...
  5. Jackstand Johnny

    How do you like your Lp controlls? Coupled or Decoupled?

    THe more I research the more confused I get. Everyone here says decoupling the volume is what kills your tone. Then theres many other forum threads that say decoupling is great and the 50s wiring is what kills your tone. So now I am sick of it all. This is what I want to know, what wiring setup...
  6. Jackstand Johnny

    50s wiring vs SD type with Treble Bleed?

    Oh and has anyone used "no load" pots? The ones that click into place and are basically bypassed entirely at full turn, but when you roll them back they click and give you your variable resistance again. I just read about them but they never show up during my research. Thanks
  7. Jackstand Johnny

    50s wiring vs SD type with Treble Bleed?

    Hey gang Ive been researching this for months now and I have gotten nowhere with any pf it because 5 people say one thing and the other 5 say the exact opposite, so its damn confusing. I want to at least keep the fullness of ky tone or better yet, inprove on it. I have 2 bone stock Epi Les Pauls...
  8. Jackstand Johnny

    My Newest Addition: 2nd Cheapest Deal Ive Ever Gotten

    THanks gang! To hell with a drop in kit though, Im gonna get mad scientist on this thing! I was so excited about it needing electrical work that it was as appealing to ke as the price. Its literally exactly what Ive been looking for. I took the scenic drive to Rochmond Virginia and the guy lived...
  9. Jackstand Johnny

    Lowest profile right angle pedal connectors for making cables.

    I would not call GLS connectors "knockoffs" if thats what youre saying. All of my cables using GLS connectors are the quietest cables Ive ever owner and Ive noticed absolutely no difference with tone or loss that wouldnt be a bigger issue from any digital or buffered bypass pedals.
  10. Jackstand Johnny

    Jackstand Johnny From Virginia USA

    Wow a warm welcome from Denmark and Germany? Thats very kind. I actually just picked up another Epi Les Paul(Studio) yesterday. Ive only got the 2 but Im sure I will acquire others. I made a thread about my new LP. I found a killer deal, said the right things and brought it home with a hard case...
  11. Jackstand Johnny

    Lowest profile right angle pedal connectors for making cables.

    I use GLs right angle pancake connectors. Theyre 20 for $30. Absolutely the best bang for your buck. I just built 20 patch cables with them and have had zero prpblems in 3 months. Unlike the cheap eNay connectors, these also have 2 lugs rather than having to try to solder to chrome plating for...
  12. Jackstand Johnny

    The Trading Post

    Id like to trade the chrome Grover tuners off my 2010 Epi LP Studio for a set of black tuners. Id also pay on top of the trade for locking tuners. Thanks!
  13. Jackstand Johnny

    My Newest Addition: 2nd Cheapest Deal Ive Ever Gotten

    2010 made in China Epi Studio. Picked this up with a locking strap and a hard case for $50! The guy said it has electrical problems. Turns out He just meant the pickup selector switch is loose but it plays and works just fine. I got this to compliment my Epi LP Ultra 1 as a backup guitar for...
  14. Jackstand Johnny

    Neutrik Locking Connector Fit

    Dayumn! I love overengineered parts and that is the epitome of. Thank you for posting that. Might have to go that route myself.
  15. Jackstand Johnny

    Neutrik Locking Connector Fit

    Ok this thread is 9 years old but I felt the need to step in here. So I also looked into doing this recently because I bought 4 of these "Neutrik" panel mounted locking jacks for my pedalboard. You can actually get them for much MUCH cheaper on eBay. I paid less than $10 for 4 of them and yes...
  16. Jackstand Johnny

    Jackstand Johnny From Virginia USA

    Hey everybody. My name is Jackstand Johnny and I just joined the forum. Probably the 100th forum Ive joined so I know the drill as far as following the rules and whatnot. I have a 2010ish? Epiphone LP Ultra I. Its not a Gibson and I didnt pay a fortune for it but its my main guitar. Ive had many...

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