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  1. Hookandcanman

    Great CL Deal - Richmond VA

    Here is a great CL deal on an '09 standard in ebony. 1,000 bucks
  2. Hookandcanman

    Vintage Speaker Repair

    Can anyone recommend someone that repairs vintage speakers? I've got a mid 50's Jensen Alnico 5 speaker that needs some attention. Gracias
  3. Hookandcanman

    Tube Questions

    Alright. So I've been playing awhile and own a few tube amps and am at the point now to where I want to learn about the actual tubes themselves. Most of the information I've found thus far gets really technical really quickly. Is there a "tubes for dummies" type resource out there anywhere...
  4. Hookandcanman

    Amazing new amp - Whitebox Spartan

    I dunno if anyone else has seen this but with all the discussion about boutique amps and how expensive they are I thought this may be something folks would be interested in. Switchable 18/25 watts, 2 channels with 4 distinct voicings hand made in Seattle for less than 400 bucks. Check the link...
  5. Hookandcanman

    I just bought a 1957 Gibson...

    GA5!! I've been looking for a older Fender Champ when I came across these things. I can't wait till it comes in. All original and seems to be a pretty clean example. This one was during the transition period before the Skylark series. It runs a 12AX7 / 6V6 / 5Y3. My GAS has been subdued...
  6. Hookandcanman

    How bad is this Headstock break??

    Would it be tough to fix? Also what would you think it's worth unloaded? It's a 1995 standard btw and the rest of it is pretty clean. Thanks
  7. Hookandcanman

    Is your most expensive guitar your number 1??

    So is it?? For me the answer is no. My most expensive would be an american deluxe strat, but my number one is this one. '72/'73 SG Not an LP I know but here are my two
  8. Hookandcanman

    Thought I'd make it official!

    Been lurking for quite a while then joined a little while ago. The forum has helped me out a ton and I'm super appreciative. :wave:
  9. Hookandcanman

    NGD! '91 Studio Lite

    Here it is. After a few questions here on the forum I settled on this baby. It's a 1991 Les Paul Studio Lite. It had been on a local CL for awhile. A lady was selling for her son. I got a really good deal on a super guitar. When I first got it it was filthy, she said her son kept it...
  10. Hookandcanman

    Impending NGD question (21 year old studio)

    Hey everyone. So ive been asking a few questions about a few different LP I had wanted to buy- y'all even helped me by spotting a fake. But today I foundit. A '91 studio. While I'm waiting to check it out tomorrow I was hoping y'all could fill me in on opinions and specs
  11. Hookandcanman

    What kind of Goldtop is this?

    Is it a Studio 60s Tribute? I guess I was expecting it to have a dark or black back.
  12. Hookandcanman

    Les Paul Custom Question

    Hey everyone - I had a question about the value of a DIY refinished 2005 LPC ( I'm pretty sure). Here's a pic. From what the guy says the last owner spray painted in black :facepalm: He refinished it with what looks like plain clearcoat and he said there is some damage to the binding...
  13. Hookandcanman


    Hey everyone. Shopping around on my local CL yesterday and there it was. A 2005 studio plus( I think). Does anyone have any info on the series? Did they come with the 490/498 combo stock? It was pretty beat up and filthy when I got it home last night. But today after a fair bit...

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