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  1. geddyleefan

    Seymour Duncan Hyperion pickups

    I've seen these Hyperion sets loaded in some Ibanez AZ guitars but I really don't wanna spend the hefty price tag on an Ibanez to try these out. They sounded pretty good from what videos I've found on youtube. They seem to have a wide range of modern contemporary to crisp cleaner stuff. I wonder...
  2. geddyleefan

    Seymour Duncan 35th Aniversary set......anyone find em?

    I'm still kickin myself for letting these slide outta my hands several years ago. I had a chance to buy a set around 2012 and decided not to. Now I've seen people really digging the aged magnets of the JB and Jazz pickups. I think when I passed on the set they were going for 140.00 used. Now I...
  3. geddyleefan

    Anyone ever come across the LP Heritage and Heritage Elite?

    I'll never forget the first time I saw, heard and briefly held and played one. I was about 16 maybe 17 and my band was playing a show with a rival band and the guy had his dad's 1982 LP Heritage in tobaccoburst with an amazing birdseye maple or whatever fancy name they use for the maple top. I...
  4. geddyleefan

    Epiphone EDS 1275

    After 3 years in the wilderness of not playing guitar I finally got back into playing again and decided to go after a doubleneck SG. Seeing how the Gibson doublenecks were priced into the stratosphere I went after the Epiphone model. I was skeptical but surprised it plays fine. I plan on doing...
  5. geddyleefan

    future LP refret

    I'm fast approaching the 20 years of ownership on a 98 LP Classic. I've decided after nearly 2 decades of hardwork and ownership that she's due for a nice refret. I've worn the hell outta the first 6 frets and a good decent ones between 12-15 frets. I know that a refret isn't gonna do much so...
  6. geddyleefan

    Carvin Legacy 1 a little dark sounding

    I snatched a Carvin Legacy a while back the Gen. 1 model for 400 bucks and knew it was a steal when it came with Vintage 30s loaded in em. However upon firing it up I found it rather darker than what I tried a while back at a local guitar shop. I changed the 6CA7s to JJ EL34s and looking to...
  7. geddyleefan

    Epi Riviera and some plans to upgrade it

    Snatched one of those reissued Rivieras with 3 P90s. Its not bad but I plan on changing a few things like: better pickups, a fancy trapeze tailpiece is on the way and cream pickup covers. The tuners are not bad so I'll keep those but I have been looking at those Grover Imperials.....that would...
  8. geddyleefan

    I hope people won't blow a fuse over this...

    I snatched a very lovely Gibson DSM-CE for 700. It plays better than guitars twice its price, from the moment I played Ventura Highway on it I knew it was an excellent acoustic :thumb:
  9. geddyleefan

    Anyone tried those Taylor Solidbody Classics ?

    Anywho I got a chance to play one when I saw it sitting at local guitar shop in very mint condition. It was a 2007 model and they wanted 750.00 for it, which I thought was about right. Being skeptical I picked it up and played it....for 20 minutes. It's a pretty nice guitar and whether or not a...
  10. geddyleefan

    Limited finishes on SG's

    I don't know if any other SG fans are thinkin what I'm thinkin but SG's seem to have a very limited finish options. The 61 re-issues only have one finish cherry, that's it. The Standards are either cherry and black and the Specials are confined to faded brown or faded cherry. Wouldn't you think...
  11. geddyleefan

    Black LP Standard for me, none for you

    I just got this in yesterday for 1400. It had a bigsby but I went with what I thought was best and had it removed asap. Plays nice and the neck isn't huge but the pickups aren't too bad. I plan on getting this thing upgraded with better pickups, some different pots and maybe a push/pull.
  12. geddyleefan

    Gibson Flying V and Andy Powell

    I remember seeing a Tony Bourge thread about his SGs so I thought I'd write about another underrated Gibson user during their halcyon days Wishbone Ash. Andy Powell always seem to get a good tone with these things considering the best albums made by Wishbone Ash were the first 4, I always...
  13. geddyleefan

    3 pickup Les Pauls

    I don't know what it is but I've always had a thing for 3 pickup Les Pauls. So much that I've had my old Standard routed to hold a middle pickup. I've also added a 5 way rotary switch for tonal versatility and wired up for 3 volume knobs and a master tone. Anybody else out there with a knack for...
  14. geddyleefan

    WTB DiMarzio Crunch Lab

    Looking for a DiMarzio Crunch Lab pickup with some wire left, standard spacing, preferably black and used. I'll pay 55-60 mo or check, shoot me a message thanks
  15. geddyleefan

    Master tone knob and push/pull knob ?

    I was thinking about routting a middle humbucker in my LP Studio project and also wiring a 5-way rotary switch. I also thought about a push/pull split but I can't decide if I should do that with the volume pots, or have the master tone pot be a push/pull. Would it affect anything ?
  16. geddyleefan

    JB or Crunch Lab ?

    I was thinkin about putting two of these pickups in my 3 pickup Les Paul and I was wondering what people like about em. Should the JB be in the middle and the Crunch Lab in the bridge ? Or the other way around ? Both pickups are very promising and I can't decide which way since they both sound...
  17. geddyleefan

    Gibson Blueshawk prices are starting to rise

    Its been ages since I've seen anyone talk about this rare beast so I thought I might as well say something. I've owned a few Bluesers in ther past and they're great guitars so I was thinkin about getting another one again but lately I've seen prices climb like crazy for these things. Some nut...
  18. geddyleefan

    I've been working on a SG-caster

    Like I said I took an Epiphone SG and had a Fender tele bridge pickup installed. It sounds wickedly awesome with a P94 I snatched from GFS. I haven't been able to take any pictures yet but will try to get some up when I'm able to.
  19. geddyleefan

    Got my hands on a LP Studio Gem

    I wasn't having much luck in finding a Gibson RD so I quickly settled on a Gibson LP Studio Gem. I got work all weekend so I'm picking it up come monday next week, can't wait to fire it up through my amp !
  20. geddyleefan

    Vox Bulldog Distortion sniped!

    I managed to snipe a Vox Bulldog distortion on eBay for a very good price. Usually they were retailing for 200+ and I remember they were fetching good prices before the recession and during. Then the bad thing happened, they got discontinued and became somewhat elusive beasts. However after...

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