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  1. politenessman

    Billy Gibbons Sig '61 SG

    two tone, copper and gold. the magazine calls it the bgsg, billy calls it the bfg 61. i dont know why they are calling it that, if its a '61 its a les paul. seymour duncan pearly gates pickups, gold hardware, sideways vibrola. they each come with a one of a kind hand painted case, they probably...
  2. politenessman

    Led Zeppelin Gear Book

    wasnt this supposed to be released yesterday or today? i went up to the guy's website and couldnt find jacksht about it. the funding page (indiegogo?) says something like the release will be "on october". i could have sworn there was a definite release date, 10/5 or 10/6. anybody know anything...
  3. politenessman

    2016 at AMS

    everything is a traditional now. studio traditional, traditional plus, traditional standard, even traditional explorer. traditional standard is $2800, has slim taper asymmetrical neck, burst bucker 1 and 2, split coils, reverse phase, and bypass. tonepros and grovers. no mention of g tune on...
  4. politenessman

    R7 Question

    What years were R7's with burst plaintops made? thanks.
  5. politenessman

    For Sale Throbak P-90 D.E. and Seymour Duncan C.S. Stacked P-90

    for sale (no trades, sorry) is a Throbak P-90 DE MXV pickup, never used. It was custom wound to 8.4k, and has long A4 magnet. It has about 8 inches of lead, and it is the 1 wire version. There is no aging. If you have ever heard Throbak humbuckers, you know that they exist in a different...
  6. politenessman

    WTB White Junior

    looking for early billie joe or other white or tv white junior with rosewood or ebony fb. sc or dc.
  7. politenessman

    Least Favorite

    who is your least favorite lp player? i would have to go with zak wylde. but eric clapton (ex lp player) is a close contender. and billie joe anderbergfeldwoodston.
  8. politenessman

    Custom Shop Studio For $3200

    what makes this a custom? richlite fretboard, bound headstock and diamond inlay? Gibson Custom Les Paul Custom - Phantom |
  9. politenessman

    Eye of the Beholder

    these guys actually did this on purpose. and its a music store, so probably more than 1 guy had to agree that this looked good. 2011 Gibson Les Paul Studio Faded Larry Corsa Modded Upgrades Lemon Green w HSC | eBay
  10. politenessman

    NGD -Junior Content

    i had been looking for a tv white junior with ebony fb and correct tp for a while, and this came up on ebay for $800 last week. so i am still looking, but i have this nice 2006 billie joe. i dont think it was ever played, there isnt a single mark on the back. plugged it in and hated the stacked...
  11. politenessman

    WTB 2006 LP Jr White Billie Joe with Case

    i think the white ones were only made in 2006. with matching case. for cash, paypal. there are 1 or 2 that have been going around on ebay for $1400 with no takers. i would rather not use ebay if i can help it.
  12. politenessman

    Album That You Love Every Song

    live at leeds vincebus eruptum raw power peel off and see (v.u.)
  13. politenessman

    Guitarists with "Bending Note Faces" with Photoshopped Crap in Their Hands

    The Moment a Guitarist Realizes He's Holding a Giant Slug! | GuitarPlayer
  14. politenessman

    Ace Frehley: "I Definitely Blow [Current Kiss Guitartist] Tommy Thayer Off the Stage"

    Ace Frehley: "I Definitely Blow [Current Kiss Guitartist] Tommy Thayer Off the Stage" this is a headline sent to me today from guitar world's "daily shred letter". this is not such big news. what would be big news is if ace frehley blew him on the stage. and besides, why did gw out him? it's...
  15. politenessman

    Which Distortion Pedal?

    for medium high gain, les paul into ac15. wampler sovereign or suhr riot/riot reloaded?
  16. politenessman

    Billie Joe Advice

    i can get this for around 1k. it has ebony fb. to me that sounds like a really good price, especially with juniors being discontinued. am i missing something? i have been looking for a white junior for a while, with correct slanted tp and no bm or obeche fretboards. White Gibson Billie Joe...
  17. politenessman

    Johnny, Gone 23 Years

    i cant believe nobody posted this today. i knew johnny from around the city, i knew dave a little better, i grew up down the street from him, my brother went to school with him. but johnny was funny as hell, had very bad luck with women and was a sweet guy. he was a professional musician for 20...
  18. politenessman

    My "Fake" G0

    its not a fake gibson, just a fake G0 model. it started out life as a 2011 sam ash traditional '60, and i recently put the final touches on it. i mixed and matched plastic parts until they all matched, then slighly aged them with brown shoe polish, some pepsi and some 1000 grit sandpaper. the...
  19. politenessman

    Its Back!! And Black!!

    go to 1:25 and 5:05 of this vid and listen closely. and while they dont mention it, i have to figure it will be on the new frampton at 5:50. i wonder if it will make it on to the 2014 customs? and the trad goldtop w/ bigsby...
  20. politenessman

    Surface Cracks?

    this is almost the junior i have been looking for, for like a year (wanted tv white or yellow and correctly placed tp) but it may be good enough. what is a surface crack? is it just a defect in the finish? can it be repaired, or do you need to refin the entire guitar? ScreenShot001 by...

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