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  1. vibrasonic

    Vintage 1960 LP JR now $4000

    Need to clear $4000. Mojo Axe aged compensated tailpiece and original TP. 90s brown gibson case. 59 neck shape. Had a set of individual klusons at one time but i replaced them with a set of strip tuners from a 1960 J 45, no routing. Plays great and sounds amazing. Have references if...
  2. vibrasonic

    2008 Ric 330 reduced to $1150

    Super clean hardly played Ric. Need to clear $1150 so shipping and payment fee is on the buyer. Im fairly new here but I see there's a few guys here that I've sold to on other forums so I can provide references if necessary.
  3. vibrasonic

    2008 Ric 330.

    Get your jangle on with this EX condition 330. VERY clean, $1300 +shipping.
  4. vibrasonic

    1960 lp jr $4400

    Great playing JR. Tuners from an early 60s J45 A few non original screws, one on the backplate, a couple on the jackplate and one on the TRC, all the same type. The neck is more like a 59, sounds like a JR should. Comes with original tailpiece and an aged mojoaxe wrap.
  5. vibrasonic

    Hi fellow LP lovers

    I am a long time guitarist and LP lover. Hope to make some new friends. I love Gibson, Fender and Ric guitars and fender amps. Here's a pic of my LPs and some of my fender amps. LPs are a 2003 R4, 2003 R7 and my 1960JR.

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