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  1. DanielDeGregoriis

    Please keep this a guitar building place

    This section has inspired many people to build guitars. It inspired me to build my first guitar when I joined five years ago. Many people here helped me along the way. It's thanks to those people I was able to build a musical instrument that will last me the rest of my life. That's a...
  2. DanielDeGregoriis

    A "Royal" guitar

    Hello everyone! A new summer = a new guitar :laugh2: I've been very busy, but I've finally got some time on my hands now. I'm going to build my own version of the Mayones Regius 6. 'Regius' means 'Royal', hence the thread's title. Since this isn't a common brand or model (although...
  3. DanielDeGregoriis

    Plane advice needed

    Hello everybody, I am looking to get some planes! After working with my cabinet scraper and chisels, I feel I really could use some planes. I was thinking about getting this Veritas plane: Veritas® Kurzraubank Nr. 6 | DICTUM GmbH - Mehr als Werkzeug I would use it to true and joint...
  4. DanielDeGregoriis

    Jazz Bass

    Okay, okay, I know it isn't a Gibbie style build, but I'll post it anyway!:naughty: So this is my first Fender style build. A friend asked if I would be interested to build him a Jazz Bass. Since he’s providing all the parts, I agreed! I used preeb’s thread as a guide. The pictures and...
  5. DanielDeGregoriis

    First Headstock break repair - opinions requested

    Hi guys, The headstock from a friend's Epi Les Paul Custom broke. It's a very clean fracture. All the surfaces are long grain. This how I would do the structural repair: - Inject Titebond (Original) using a syringe - Clamp the headstock Pretty straight forward because of the clean break...
  6. DanielDeGregoriis

    Number Two: Flying V

    So it’s vacation (3 months, hehehe): guitar building time! Somewhere back in November 2010 I started planning this build. After finishing the Les Paul, I already wanted to build something else. I will build a flying V. I really like the shape and feel of a flying V. To me it’s pretty much one...
  7. DanielDeGregoriis

    Info requested: Hamer USA neck tenon dimensions

    Hi everybody, I'm in the process of preparing my next build. It will be a 58' inspired V, including a Maple cap. I would like the keep the original great access to the highest frets. On the 58's, the large tenon makes sure that the neck doesn't break or anything like that. This large tenon is...
  8. DanielDeGregoriis

    Question regarding neck joint stability

    Hi, My next build will be a Flying V. The body will be the same as the '58, but I'm not building a replica (other woods, not string-through etc.). It will have a Maple top, this means it won't have a pickguard. This also means I can't make the tenon of the neck any longer than 2.6...
  9. DanielDeGregoriis

    First build: A Les Paul

    Hi everybody, I’m Daniel, 17, and I live in Leuven, Belgium (known for its chocolates and beer). Two months ago I started to prepare my first build, a Les Paul. Currently, I have most of my hardware and wood. I ordered all my hardware at StewMac (all the stores closer to Belgium just offer...

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