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  1. Josh_of_CYWG

    79 conversion thoughts

    Hey everyone! I just wanted to get everyone’s opinion on an idea I have. My favourite Les Paul from the Norlin era has always been the 25/50, however they made no lefties so I was thinking maybe converting my 79 custom to a 25/50 while not doing any permanent modifications (re-finish, routes...
  2. Josh_of_CYWG

    Looking for a left handed 1970’s Strat

    Hey there, usually I’m a Les Paul guy but recently wanted to pick up a 1970’s lefty Stratocaster, all the ones on reverb are ridiculously priced. Let me know what you have and if you’re willing to ship to Winnipeg. Thanks
  3. Josh_of_CYWG

    What is this thing?

    This thing has been hanging up in my dads restaurant for the last 20 years, and I just finally now got a closer look at it to find it’s a real guitar, and I really wanna know what it is, anyone have a clue?
  4. Josh_of_CYWG

    What case is this

    I bought a 71 deluxe with a used case the guy said he bought in 71, I’m not sure for sure but it looks like an original lifton case, I just want confirmation of what it is, year maybe, and estimated value. I’ll post photos soon.
  5. Josh_of_CYWG

    Two Piece tops rare?

    I have a 79 custom clown burst, made in Kalamazoo, I noticed it has a two piece top when i got it, i'm not sure how common or not it is, from what i can tell the body is also one piece. I know most LP's from then have as many as 7 piece tops, but were two piece tops common in 79?

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