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    1980 Fender Stratocaster FS.

  2. guitarsmark

    NGD!!!! Yay!

    So, I now own an Edwards Jimmy Page LP replica, and just last night picked up a Tokai Love Rock... I think it is a 2005 or 2006 has a set of GuitarForce Lord of the Blues in it, orange drops, brass saddles... yada yada yada... anywhoo... The Edwards The Tokai and Edwards together
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    NAD - Wow was I Impressed...

    So, I picked up a Genz Benz El Diablo 60C combo... and holy crap am I ever impressed, I got a smokin deal on it, that is the only reason I ever touched it... and WOW am I ever happy with the cleans, the dirt I still need to figure out better, but the GB website has a bunch of good settings...
  4. guitarsmark

    BFG woes.......

    Hey Guys & gals, I know the BFG's are pretty much love/hate machines, either you do or you don't... well. I love mine. at least I love the look & sound... here is where it goes south... 2 weeks ago at a gig, my killswitch blew apart.. (it is a simple 3 way on a rocker in the switch...
  5. guitarsmark

    My new band...warning bluesy content...

    Hey Guys, Just putting up my youtube space, lemme know what you think, feel free to leave comments, subscribe etc... Mark Natural Talent Youtube Site
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    What a Thrill

    Hey Guys, This is the other band I play in "Natural Talent" playing at an open jam last night! Lemme know what y'all think!!! The Thrill - Natural Talent
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    All Along the Watchtower.....

    I did this one a couple weeks ago, didn't realise I was being recorded. I am using my BFG & running through my Vox AC4... I have it hooked to an SRO in an ext cab. and this is at an open jam. All Along The Watchtower
  8. guitarsmark

    Opinions... Super reverb overhaul... ?

    Hey Guys, so, I own a roadworn-beat-to-shit 69 super reverb. It is in a 74 bassman cab, so it is not original. The wiring has been changed by a pro tech - there was a master volume added, and the reverb controls were moved to the back. It has a 1960's hammond organ reverb tank as well...
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    Had a really surprising time yesterday, really impressed!!!

    So I took my VOX AC4TV combo (read: 4 watts) just to see what it would do, to a jam, hooked it into a 12 inch cabinet, and proceeded to keep up with a band on stage, without mic'ing the amp. Given it was a small club, but I only had to turn to about 7 to keep up.... I was REALLY impressed with...
  10. guitarsmark

    Really digging this stuff lately

    YouTube - Rev Theory - Hell Yeah :: Music Video :: Lyrics :: VideoSubs Buddy has a bit of slash tone goin on, but all in all, I am really liking the music :):dude:
  11. guitarsmark

    More youtube - new cover of Crazy Mary - as done by me...

    Hey Guys, What you think? Honest opinions - I won't go off the deep end with criticism ahah :naughty: Crazy Mary as covered by me.
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    Possible NGD - Can I get some opinions...

    Hey Guys & Gals, I Am looking at 2 diff guitars... both of them are close in price (within $100) I was thinking of the PRS SE ONE singlecut p90 in tobacco burst (played it, the fret edges are gonna need filing) OR the 57 Epi LP Jr in TV Yellow... (didn't play it will prob need to...
  13. guitarsmark

    Last nights Jam

    Hey Guys, I play every Sunday night at an open jam, tis a lot of fun, brought out my old band for old jam's sake.. here was us after 2 months without really even seeing each other. YouTube - Search Party - Alive.MOV Let me know what you think... Mark
  14. guitarsmark

    NGD Epiphone SG Goth.

    Hey y'all here is my new SG :D Yay! First SG - Minor changes are - white speeds, white TR cover, I have a skull thing for the switch, and the PG has been lifted with a 1/4" of surgical tube, kinda vintage style.
  15. guitarsmark

    Happy Birthday Jonesy!

    Hey Jonesy!!! Just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday this year!!!! Hope it goes well! guitarsmark
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    NAD 69 Super Reverb!!!

    So - I picked up this 69 SR... love it. it is in a 74 bassman cab, and it is umm.. roadworn.. :) The amp was just gone over completely by a good tech... (I am not gonna get myself zapped... haha) and here is a quick pic, will load more when I get more batteries for the camera...
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    A couple jams... Les Paul & Strat both thru a Vox AC4TV

    Hey Everyone, Please comment either here or on my youtube page, but here is a little blues jam checking out the different tones I was getting through my Vox
  18. guitarsmark

    New Gear shot- family photo.... one porn shot...

    Hey Guys, Just an update with my gear and hell, was a nice excuse to post some new porn. Here is a fam shot, with the BFG hanging (don't worry it has Schaller's) my Squier 20th Anniversary Standard Strat, the new Marshall JCM800 1960A lead cab with the Marshall VS8100 head (its crunchy as...
  19. guitarsmark

    Nad x 2

    Hey Guys, In the past week, I have scored a Marshall 1960A JCM800 Cab, and a Marshall VS8100 head... Also picked up a Peavey VK100 valveking head... what a killer friggin week.. should have pics up in the next couple days. Mark
  20. guitarsmark

    Back to the Epi Club..... NGD!!! W00H00!!!

    Hey Everyone, just got an Epi Dot today in a trade :D:D:D Super stoked about it, wanted one for a long time now. Mark

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