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  1. Jackstand Johnny

    Epi Les Paul Tone Control Delete Wiring Diagram Please?

    I cant find one anywhere. I'm sure its very smple but I just had a REAL bad experience trying to wire u pa loaded pickguard for a Schecter PT and now I just want a clear definitive answer. I have an Epi Custom Shop I got for cheap that I want to start modding. First off, I never use the tone...
  2. Jackstand Johnny

    Made a Custom Pickguard to Mount My korg KP2S Kaoss Pad

    BEen wanting to mount my Korg mini Kaoss Pad to a guitar for a while and since my new(to me) LP Studio is in the R&D stage I figured Id give it a go. I traced and cut out a see through green clipboard to use as the pickguard, but made it large enough to mount the KP2S. For those of you that dont...
  3. Jackstand Johnny

    My Newest Addition: 2nd Cheapest Deal Ive Ever Gotten

    2010 made in China Epi Studio. Picked this up with a locking strap and a hard case for $50! The guy said it has electrical problems. Turns out He just meant the pickup selector switch is loose but it plays and works just fine. I got this to compliment my Epi LP Ultra 1 as a backup guitar for...
  4. Jackstand Johnny

    Jackstand Johnny From Virginia USA

    Hey everybody. My name is Jackstand Johnny and I just joined the forum. Probably the 100th forum Ive joined so I know the drill as far as following the rules and whatnot. I have a 2010ish? Epiphone LP Ultra I. Its not a Gibson and I didnt pay a fortune for it but its my main guitar. Ive had many...

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