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    NGD: It came, I saw, It's going back.....

    My LemonBurst 60s standard showed up..... It has a nice top but the nut isn't done right which is my main issue that made me decide to return it..... It also has a black dot in the clear coat and what looks to be a glue over flow from the inlay. Action is a bit high... all in all.... too many...
  2. MP4-22

    Which guitar should i get ?

    Which one would you buy ? :drool: #1 #2 #3
  3. MP4-22

    Messed around with my Jubilee

    So i watched this youtube video by Rhett Shull and it got me thinking.... I don't know about what lol but i tried messing with the input gain and lead gain follows by the EQ and wow..... I lowered input and lead gain and then added alittle gain instead of just using the level on my Maxon OD9 and...
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    Whats with the color variation on these ???

    Check out these 3 guitars, why are two so different looking ?
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  6. MP4-22

    YOHB ???

    YOHB ?!?! :rofl:
  7. MP4-22

    Conditioned my fretboard

    Conditioned my fretboard and that dry chalky-ness was hiding this incredible board. :eek2: Before After
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    I was feeling a little saucy....

    .....So now the wait begins :Ohno:
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    FS: Ibanez RG 655 Prestige

    Ibanez RG 655 Prestige.... Very good condition. Has couple chips on lower bout and alittle on back. look at the pictures you will see. Guitar plays really great and will probably regret selling her but i saw something i want. 900 shipped and PP'd in CONUS.
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    NGD !!

    Picked up this new 50's LP Standard. Very happy with the playability and fit and finish. Tuning stability is rock solid and the binding work around the fretboard is probably the cleanest it can be. Very happy with this guitar... except where is that heavenly vanilla scent !?!? Here she is... a...
  11. MP4-22

    Where did the smell go ?

    What's up y'all... I just picked up a new LP and it doesn't have the vanilla smell !!! Where did it go !? It smells like a musty lumber yard as strange and ridiculous it may sound i feel it diminishes the Gibson experience by losing that unique heavenly scent.
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    WTB: 490r/498t pickups

    WTB: 490r/498t pickups nickel with quick connects.
  13. MP4-22

    NGD: My new LP....

    I had been wanting to get a new LP for the last 5 years after i sold my studio... i think i sold it on here actually..... I found this 19 HB classic when shopping for a standard.... i love how this one plays and i also love how light the finish looks in the light... kind of looks like a natural...
  14. MP4-22

    Les paul studio, Mint with OHSC

    2010 Les Paul studio Fire burst for sale. Got caught speeding on Vacation in NC and now i need to hire a lawyer etc... kinda strapped for dough so this has to go. Guitar is mint no ding chips or scratches. Gold still looks great due to cleaning my hands and wiping down the guitar and generally...
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    Ntd !!

    Picked up a 2013 Tacoma Access cab. Has bluetooth which i love, plays the tunes in my phone when i get in and makes phone calls and also has a usb. :thumb:
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    Ndbd !!!

    2008 Suzuki RMZ-250... under 10 hours on it :naughty::dude:
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    Bitcoin ?

    Anybody here cashing in ?:hmm: Watching this market...:shock:
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    OMG... Listen to this tambourine !!

    OMG... Listen to this tambourine !! Epic performance... figured i'd share this. :dude::shock::shock: Scorpions - We'll Burn The Sky - YouTube
  19. MP4-22

    Taco Bell....

    Love these doritos tacos... :thumb::naughty:
  20. MP4-22

    Fender Stratocaster

    Made from all genuine parts. Road worn players oly white nitro body, Fender american special neck, lace sensor r/s/b... all fender cts pots screws and pick guard. Guitar is really cool.:dude: 500 obo

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