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  1. Saiko

    Robbo-izing an 87 Les Paul Custom and fixing a 33yr old problem

    My Norlin ('84) has the same deal with the pickguard not quite lining up as cleanly as modern Les Pauls. Nothing too bad and you don't really notice it unless you look for it. Strange, it doesn't bother me one bit, but it would drive me nuts if I purchase a new Les Paul like that.
  2. Saiko

    NGD - '54 ES-125 Artist owned.

    That's an awesome guitar, congrats on the acquisition!
  3. Saiko

    Robbo-izing an 87 Les Paul Custom and fixing a 33yr old problem

    Wow, that's a cool guitar. Nice job!
  4. Saiko

    NGD : 1975 Gibson Les Paul Custom- Warhorse

    That is pretty light... one of the lighter Norlins I have seen although my "new" custom has it beat at 9.2 lbs. I would say anything under 11 is awesome for a Norlin!
  5. Saiko

    What model of Grover locking tuners come on a Traditional 1965 Reissue?

    Well there's always that one exception to every rule...
  6. Saiko

    Is the Gibson 335 The Best Guitar Ever Made?

    I don't know about best, but they are definitely near the top! I absolutely love mine!
  7. Saiko

    Need help with wiring 4-conductor '57 classics

    Just FYI, Gibson often reverses the polarity of their neck pickups when they have them wired for push/pull pots. This allows for hum-cancelling when split but it is also what caused them to be out of phase in the middle position as the color leads on these models are reversed.
  8. Saiko

    NGD : 1975 Gibson Les Paul Custom- Warhorse

    It's awesome, love it! Great job on the cleanup as well!
  9. Saiko

    What Gibson USA Pickups are these?

    I'm pretty sure the values for the bridge and neck are backwards. 496R/500T is my guess... those commonly read around 8.5k for the 496 and 15-16k for the 500T. Pull the magnets out. If they are ceramics (with 2 smaller magnets on either side in the pickup that reads 15.55) then that is what...
  10. Saiko

    NGD - Hot-rodded 2020 Les Paul Classic

    That's awesome, enjoy the new guitar!
  11. Saiko

    Your experiences buying Norlin LPs

    I find that T-Tops do better with high-gain with Shaws but IMO both are fine if you aren't too close to the amp. The original Dirty Fingers from the Norlin Era are some of the best high-output humbuckers ever made IMO.
  12. Saiko

    Shaws or T tops

    This. I suppose the 2nd picture in the OP is a different pickup than the first. The pickup in the first picture of the OP is most likely NOT a Shaw and the pickup in the first meter picture (presumably the one in the second OP picture) has been modified. Something sketch is going on here...
  13. Saiko

    What guitars and features (other than paint finishes) are you missing from Gibson?

    I have 4 Les Pauls, an ES-335, and an SG. I string them normally and none of them have ever had an issue staying in tune once properly set up. I think a lot of the people who say Gibson's won't stay in tune just had a bad experience with an individual guitar or they just don't know how to...
  14. Saiko

    Your experiences buying Norlin LPs

    I purchased my "new" '84 Custom online from a reputable dealer and I couldn't be happier. It was exactly as advertised and although it will need frets a lot sooner than my other guitars, I knew that going in. The best thing I can say is know what you want and purchase from a place where you...
  15. Saiko

    CC#? Ace Frehley Burst

    I think the biggest takeaway for me here is that Ace is using the DiMarzio Air Zone now (since at least 2017)... I hadn't seen that anywhere else. Pretty cool.
  16. Saiko

    NGD: 2020 LP Custom

    White Customs are amazing, congrats on the NGD!
  17. Saiko

    NGD: Slash series November burst. My first Gibson.

    Wow, stunning guitar. That's one of the nicest Slash models I've seen of the current production. Congrats on the new guitar!
  18. Saiko

    Which guitar should i get ?

    Just off aesthetics, 2 3 1 in that order.
  19. Saiko

    Can someone please tell me more about this LP I just picked up? 1991 Les Paul Custom Super 400?

    The 490R/498T should be correct for this guitar and is confirmed by your bridge pickup measurement. Looking forward to pics and congrats on the new guitar!
  20. Saiko

    NGD! 1984 "Birthday" Custom

    Here are some more pictures, close-ups and some control cavity and pick up shots. Interestingly enough the Shaw in the neck position of this guitar uses a sticker instead of the ink stamp... never seen that one before. The bridge pickup may have had one as well at some point. Also of note is...

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