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  1. fleahead

    Picked Up Another '59 Reissue 60th Anniv.

    Had many LP's?
  2. fleahead

    Want to give modeling another chance

    Spent $285 on a Mooer GE200. Stupidly good deal for the money depnding on your needs. Stacked up well to both my friend's Kemper and Headrush.
  3. fleahead

    Gibson Case and Customer Service

  4. fleahead

    What was your original username?

    Damn, now I have feelings of shame and envy, that I have only stayed with one name. So....consistant.....
  5. fleahead

    What was your original username?

    HenryJ. But people were so mean to me, just because I wanted everyone to enjoy Robutt Tuners...
  6. fleahead

    Good Enough for This Guy......

    Good on him, no reason not to use it. I'm using a Mooer GE200 and it's changed my whole game, recording and jamming.
  7. fleahead

    Fake Gibson Double Neck? Help please

  8. fleahead

    MXR Micro Amp is now popping when switching on/off

    My Mooer Baby Bomb 30watt microamp makes a loud pop when it's turned on which concerns me if that ever happens running FRFR.....PA drivers could be affected....
  9. fleahead

    NGD, Original Series SG Junior. Outstanding!!!

    That's a USA?
  10. fleahead

    The Richrath Burst

    That shot makes me think of changing to Dbl Whites every time I see it.
  11. fleahead

    Wow, THAT'S random...the pics thread...

    OMFG, BBwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  12. fleahead

    Decatur - ( Chicago - St Louis - Indianapolis) travels

    I'll be curious to read about anything around Decatur, also. I'll be out there in July for Leonid & Friends, the Russian tribute to Chicago (caught them in Chicago)....
  13. fleahead

    Yay! Windows phone for the win!

    Wow, and here I was thinking I was some kind of whack job. I had one the earlier units and loved it. Except the aforementioned lack of apps. The not-so-funny joke was Apple had a million, Android half of that and 1,000 for Window phone.
  14. fleahead

    Fake News & White Supremacy in MLB

    Well, this stupid-ass thread lasted longer than I thought. For the record, glad the fuckhead was banned.
  15. fleahead

    If you want to know what's wrong with the world...this is it.

    Hey, don't make fun of Henry's latest marketing genius!!
  16. fleahead

    NGD and thoughts on the “new” Gibsons Part 2

    "push-pull systems " Does not automatically mean "push-pull pots". It is the wiring harness "system". And if you send your guitar to me, I'll do all that work for a lot less. Your repair guy charges a butt-load.
  17. fleahead

    So I broke my nose

    Oh Roxy I feel your pain. House sitting at a friend's, I was at the sink in a bathroom, turned to walk out and smacked right into the doorframe. Hurt so bad, I was running around the (empty) house screaming like a banshee...blood everywhere.... I finally came back to look - had a cut across the...
  18. fleahead

    Escape The Corset

    Not even Friday
  19. fleahead

    New line up is here!

    Buy an Epiphone and get a better T-Bird for $600
  20. fleahead

    Page's Number One, Up Close

    I did that on my R8, it was to keep the bridge from leaning one way or another.. I believe Lennon did it to his Casino I believe