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  1. abracadaben

    2018 Brazilian '59 vintage lemon

    $7400 shipped. with original case and case candy. Mint 8.3lbs
  2. abracadaben

    Let's See Your Top Carves!

    2019 braz
  3. abracadaben

    NGD 60th anniversary 59 Brazilian fire burst

    morning window overcast.... will grab some sunny ones later With its sister lower
  4. abracadaben

    2019 60th 1959

    Super nice. Love the flame and burst
  5. abracadaben

    2018 Gibson Brazilian Les Paul Standard Thread

    Vintage Lemon monster top
  6. abracadaben

    Good years and good wood

    Ineterestingly, from what I read, even in 59 it seems that Gibson had that concept... they used “good wood” in the custom ahahahahah. Ebony and Honduran Mahogany were advertised on their catalog for the black beauty. When the standards were made with BRW and just “Mahogany”. Seems like we can’t...
  7. abracadaben

    NGD!! 2017 Murphy Painted and Aged LP

    looks very sweet HNGD
  8. abracadaben

    How Many?

    Nobody knows. The serial accounts for ALL guitars made by the customshop.
  9. abracadaben

    NGD 2019 59 60th Brazilian

    Caught some sun
  10. abracadaben

    How Many?

    When they go over 999 they just use one more digit :) they don’t use 0
  11. abracadaben

    1994 Flame, 2015 Flame

    Didn’t you have an ace already?
  12. abracadaben

    2019 60th anniversary

    OK, a little sun and... the FLAME is ON
  13. abracadaben

    2019 60th anniversary

    The flame....
  14. abracadaben

    Gibson Must Be Doing Something Right

    I think they kind of admited they cant make up more shit after this year. its as far as the cool aid goes... thats what I meant. from what I understood. but that said they made an effort to include stuff that people had been asking for a long time so they dont have to go after market.on which...
  15. abracadaben

    Let's See Your Top Carves!

    '19 R9 got sexy curves too
  16. abracadaben

    brazilian trinity

    I know man.... you dont want to hear the real story behind that sticker....
  17. abracadaben

    brazilian trinity

    The middle one...